How to Spring Forward and Not be Sleepy Monday


Daylight Saving Time begins again Sunday, when clocks move ahead one hour at 2 a.m. For most people, the missing hour Sunday means a sleepy Monday. We are here to help! Here are our Top 3 ways to help you adjust.

Top 3 Ways to Help Your Body Clock Adjust

1.      Soak Up the Morning Light

Getting some early morning sun Saturday and Sunday can help the brain’s sleep-wake cycle line up. But it means getting up at dawn. Sleeping by a window won’t cut it. The sunlight needs to be direct.

2.     Avoid Evening Light

Resisting the urge to linger in the late sunlight Sunday and Monday

3.     Turn ahead your alarm clock before you go to sleep:

Turn ahead your alarm clock before 2 a.m. Sunday – so that it’s on the proper hour once you wake up – don’t keep looking at the time once you hit the bed that can merely add to the anxiety of knowing you’ll have one less hour of sleep.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

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