Academy Ford March Mania Contest

Tomorrow starts one of the biggest sports frenzies of the year, March Madness.  In comparison to all other sports frenzies: the Super bowl, the World Cup, the Olympics; March Madness tops them all in terms of sheer viewer involvement. It’s the only sporting event credited with draining work productivity, as employees fill out brackets and sneak peeks at the games, which are played during work hours.

Here at Academy Ford we have decided to push it a little bit further.  Join in on the fun and win prizes!

Introducing the Academy Ford March Mania Contest…

STEP 1: Send in your bracket for the Academy Ford March Mania Contest showing your picks for the Academy Ford top Ford models.

In true Academy Ford Advantage fashion: we will give you a break from the chaos of a true bracket.  We will give you a head start  and jump to Academy Ford’s Sweet 16, our top Ford models.

Academy Ford’s Sweet 16

  1. Ford Focus
  2. Ford Explorer
  3. Ford F150
  4. Ford Edge
  5. Ford Fiesta
  6. Ford Escape
  7. Ford Expedition
  8. Ford Flex
  9. Ford F250
  10. Ford Escape Hybrid
  11. Ford Mustang
  12. Ford Taurus
  13. Ford Ranger
  14. Ford F150 SVT Raptor
  15. Ford F350
  16. Ford Fusion

So, you just have to email us your picks for the:

  • Elite 8
  • Final Four
  • Academy Ford Championship model match-up
  • Ultimate #1 Academy Ford model

All based off of the above Sweet 16.  Email your brackets to and we will award the 3 closest matching brackets with the following prizes:

#1 March Mania Magic:


A Toshiba 32” Class /LCD/720p/60Hz/HDTV valued at $300 and “The WORKS” Fuel Saver Package (includes an oil change, tire rotation and multi-point inspection) at Academy Ford

#2 March Mania Makeover:

“The WORKS” Fuel Saver Package and a Complete Car Detail at Academy Ford


#3 March Mania Maintenance:

“The WORKS” Fuel Saver Package at Academy Ford


STEP 2: We will then illicit voting on our Facebook page.  There will be 4 rounds of voting.

  1. Poll for the above Academy Ford’s Sweet 16 from this round we will determine the Elite 8 (will be posted 3/19)
  2. Poll for the Elite 8 from this round we will determine the Final Four (will be posted 3/24)
  3. Poll for the Final Four from this round will determine the Academy Ford Championship match-up (will be posted 3/26)
  4. Poll for the Academy Ford Championship match-up from this round we will determine the Ultimate #1 Academy Ford model (will be posted 4/1)

The Ultimate #1 Academy Ford model will be posted 4/3.

So, get your Academy Ford March Mania Contest Brackets in today! And keep checking our Facebook page for the updated voting polls, so you can vote to ensure that you are taking home the one of these fantastic prizes. The winners will be announced 4/4.

Brackets must be submitted to before 12:01am Monday March 19, 2012 to be entered to win.  You must come in person with the voucher that will be emailed to you to pick up/redeem your prizes.  It is best to schedule the “The WORKS” Fuel Saver Package or the Complete Car Detail at Academy Ford prior to coming in for the service(s). Employees/Employees’ Family Members of Academy Ford are not eligible to win.

Any questions please leave comments below or call Rebecca Smith at Academy Ford (301)419-2700.

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