Our first look at the 2012 MyFord Touch Upgrade

Now that you know the basics of how to do the MyFord Touch Upgrade, (see video here in case you missed it) let’s look at what changes they have made.

Right off the bat you will notice the improved user interface. Ford has significantly enhanced or augmented over 1,000 screens in the MyFord Touch system by:

  • using larger, bolder fonts
  • making the designs more consistent
  • removing low-priority elements
  • bringing the most frequently used controls closer to the driver
  • improved touchscreen response time – up to two times faster

The Home Screen

The Home screen now only has the most used and desired options available. The screen has lost upwards of 10 buttons and has a more refined, less cluttered look. The four corners are clearly labeled to make it easier to select what category you would like to access also to better streamline process. In my opinion the BEST change is the Navigation box only has the next turn shown on the Home screen making it easier to follow along to your directions.

The Phone Screen

The Phone screen didn’t receive too many changes just the addition of the icons in the menu to the left.

The Navigation Screen

The Navigation screen received some changes. The most noticeable is the first line of content is now the next turn in a more prominent bold way. There are also updated map icons so you can clearly see street signs to create a more rich experience.

The Entertainment Screen

The Entertainment screen has added the presets, which would change to the play/pause when playing a CD. The orientation of the screen has changed as well enabling you to have better access to the most utilized options.

The Climate Screen

The Climate screen received minimal changes. You can now access driver and passenger controls in one centralized location.

Stop by or call us (301)419-2700 to learn more.

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