Ford’s 2011 Employee Excellence Award goes to…

Mike Robinson, pictured above (back row third from the left) with his Parts Team that made it possible.

If you are one of our Facebook fans you already know this.  We announced this award earlier this month and now we just want to take a little time to recognize his accomplishment. Mike received the Ford 2011 Employee Excellence Award last month. He has been recognized because he has scored the highest in customer satisfaction, sales and training.  We are proud to honor his performance and the customer experience he provides every day.

Mike is a strong leader at Academy Ford.  Not only does he excel in his role as Parts Director, but he is also our unofficial: IT Director, OSHA representative, event planner, fixed operations advertiser, and so much more.  Mike believes he has excelled in his automotive career of 35 years (this month) because of the strong mentors he had when starting out.  They taught him everything there is to know about running a dealership.  So, his knowledge is not only Parts related he also has a strong understanding of all departments.  One of his mentors was a big believer in the “learn by doing” mantra and that has not only affected the way Mike does business but, also how he leads.  His favorite part of his job is working with his employees and customers.  He enjoys doing everything he can to assure that they are happy.

Mike is a Bel Air, MD resident.  He spends most of his time outside of work collecting and restoring old cars.  He currently has 4 restored beauties in his garage including a 1964 Ford Thunderbird.  His favorite food is the steam burger from the Stewart’s Restaurant chains. His preferred super power would be to freeze time so, that he can get even more of his work done. If he could be any animal he would be a cat because they are so laid back and relaxed.

Mike enjoys working at Academy Ford because of the family atmosphere.  The Lynch family has really created an extraordinarily unique work environment where you really feel like a member of the family team, which breeds success.

Congratulations to Mike Robinson for receiving Ford’s 2011 Employee Excellence Award! To contact Mike you can call him directly at 301-419-2700 or email him at

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