Escape Routes, Pick your Team

Brett & Ross

Brett & Ross are YouTubers who live in Venice, California. Check our their youtube stations here:

Tara & Bre

Team Red

“These two best friends are soul mates and always know what the other is thinking. Neither takes the last cookie, but split it instead. They laugh, stand, fall and get up exactly where they want to be: together.”

Tara works in advertising and Bre has her own make up company Alchemy Mineral Blends ( )

Iris & Terrence

Team Gray

“These two best friends call themselves the “Southern Gremlins,” and know how to make lemonade out of apples.  Both are transplants to Los Angeles that go hard before they go home. And, they never go home.”

Iris is a dance instructor who lives in California.  Terrence works in admissions in Los Angeles.  They are also both models/actors. Check out their websites here:

Derek & Drew

Team Black

“Drew and Derek are two brothers from Seattle, Washington, who grew up traveling the world and playing music. They have done everything together, from entertaining thousands to skiing mountains.  As Eagle Scouts, they’re always ready for an adventure.”

Derek is a manager of a café and bar and lives in Puyallup, Washington.

Drew is a musician who lives in Kirkland, Washington.  He especially enjoys playing the guitar.

They were both were in a band with their 3 brothers along with mom and dad.  They have traveled the world for the last decade, astounding audiences with their original blend of acoustic rock music. Award winning fiddle playing, Irish dancing, and songwriting sets the Konzelmans up as one of the hottest young groups in music today.

Check out the bands website here:

Tiffany & Chekesha

Team Gold

“They’re cute, they’re tall and they play (basket)ball. They’re in front of the camera by day and on the court by  night. They’re pretty faces who aren’t afraid to get dirty; a Southern breed with a New York State of Mind.”

Tiffany & Chekesha are models from Houston, who now live in New York City.

When asked what they would do if they win they started planning out a road trip in their new Ford Escape to South Beach and some shopping.

For some more insider info check out Tiffany’s Blog:

Sharon & Wilson

Team Blue

“It’s your bro-and-sister team, aka Platano Express, after the favorite food of the Dominican Republic. Wilson is the brawns (and beauty) and Sharon is the brains (and beauty). Their message to you: Get ready to take the ride of your life.”

Sharon or La Loca is a radio host in Tampa, Florida.

This is a great video to help you get to know La Loca:

HELLO MY NAME IS: with 102 Jamz Orlando’s LA LOCA (radio personality)

Sharon also blogs here:

Wilson is a truck driver who lives in Valrico, Florida. He is also an avid boxer.

Their twitter hashtag is #PlatanoExpress if you want to check them out.

Pick your team here before the shows premiere tonight at 8pm EST on NBC.

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