Welcome to Escape Routes, Episode 1

So, the first episode of Escape Routes aired this weekend.  Saturday night at 8pm.

The show starts off with all the teams pulling up in their 2013 Ford Escapes in their respective team colors.  The teams then all run out of the vehicles to their new humble abode in LA. They all get settled in their new media room and the host Rossi Morreale announces the prizes $100,000 cash and 2 2013 New Ford Escapes.  He then discusses the challenges.  The teams will be in a new city each week with a new challenge with their virtual teammates. Then iJustine comes into motivate the teams to reach out to their virtual teammates through social media channels.

The fun begins as they then race to pick their rooms.  The black team is victorious in staking their claim on the master suite.

Their first challenge is announced.  They are tested to get their virtual teammates to submit as many 5 letter words as possible on zynga hosted on escaperoutes.com which, is foreshadowing what their 1st urban challenge will be…

A lifesize version of zynga on the top of one of LA’s buildings.  They are suspended above the city and each correct guess on the letters within their word gets them further and further away from the roof of the building.  If their word is guessed they then plummet to the ground.  Most of the teams have their game faces on but, Chekesha of the yellow team is in tears.  I felt so bad for her, she looked terrified.

The last person hanging wins.  The white and black teams are the target and everyone tries to guess their letters first.  The black team was the first to drop.  Followed by the white team, red team, yellow team, blue team, and the gray team wins! Terrence starts screaming like he just won the Mega Millions.  He is hysterical! But, it seems that the rest of the crew isn’t thrilled about his enthusiasm.  They all start cracking on him when they get back to the house.

The next challenge is an online challenge.  Each team prepares a talent show entry and their virtual teammates vote for a victor.  The blue team’s talent is a interesting to say the least Will dresses up in drag and shakes his booty around while Sharon is playing an instrument of some sort that looks like a cheese grater, the gray team dons some hula skirts and they dance to some choreographed moves, the white team starts off beatboxing, the yellow team is a mess and sings/talks, the red team puts on a pseudo circus act, and the black team shows off their musical talents.  The results of the challenge are announced at the end of the week.

The adventure challenge is next.  There are whisked away to a secret location loaded onto their MyFord Touch systems and they head out of the city.  Once they arrive at the secret location they realize that they are going to be fighter pilots for the day.  It’s a 3 round tournament with 1 on 1 dog fights. Iris from the gray team shows off some skills as she takes out Tara from the red team in 31 seconds.  A few of the teams can’t handle the challenge and get sick.  Sharon from the blue team is one of them, but she still manages to take out Chekesha in 33 seconds.  Terrence isn’t so lucky he gets sick and gets shot down by Derek from the black team and the black team wins.

The results are in from the talent show and the White team wins, it seems like Team You Tube is going to be tough to beat with the online challenges.  But, the leaderboard has the Gray Team aka the #SouthernGremlins on top for now.  Here are the standings:

1. Gray Team: 240 points

2. Black Team: 180 points

3. Blue Team: 160 points

4. White Team: 160 points

5. Yellow Team: 80 points

6. Red Team: 80 points

Next Stop NYC!

What did you think of the show? Are you watching the next episode? Did you pick your team yet?

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