Customer Spotlight: Dwayne Blankenship

Dwayne Blankenship

Tom Woods (Academy Ford General Manager), Dwayne Blankenship, Mike Lynch (Academy Ford Vice President)

Dwayne has been an Academy Ford loyal customer since 2002.  It was love at first oil change.  He was just so relieved that he had finally found a dealership that he could call home.  “They took care of my truck like it was their own, which is hard to find.”  The service technicians here at Academy Ford surprised him with their consideration and efforts to try their best to leave his vehicle as clean as it came in. So, much so that he has continued to get his service done here; traveling from Catonsville.

In 2005 Dwayne made the jump from merely getting his service done here at Academy Ford to purchasing a F150 from us and he has never looked back.  Since then he has purchased 2 more F150s including the one above that he just bought last month.  He is certain he won’t purchase a vehicle from another dealership stating, “I never have to negotiate on price because I know they are giving the best deal.”  There is obviously a lot of trust in the relationship he has with Academy Ford and we are grateful to have him as one of our loyal customers.

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