How to Save $ at the Pump, Part V

Anthony Lupton inspects Air Filter condition during a routine Multi-Point Inspection

An Air Filter Change, is it necessary?

If I told you that the Federal Trade Commission states that replacing air filters regularly can improve your car’s fuel efficiency up to 10 percent, would you say that it’s necessary?

I think a lot of you would.   As we all deal with the out of control gas prices, a 10% increase in fuel efficiency would help us all out.

Now, onto the details of the when and why and how:


We recommend replacing it every year or 15,000 miles, whichever comes first.


We base this on the environment in which our customers drive their vehicles. The summer construction, which is about to really crank up around here this month and lasts until September, creates a lot of dust, dirt, and road grime that gets into the air filter.  But, it could vary if you don’t have to deal with a lot of dusty driving, for example, if you do a lot of highway driving it could be less often.


We recommend asking your service technician to inspect it every oil change just to make sure it’s clean and allowing good, strong airflow to the engine.  Or if you come in to Academy Ford it is automatically checked.  You will see on your Multi-Point inspection whether it is green=good, yellow= something to keep an eye on, or red=needs to be replaced ASAP.

When replacing an air filter, always use OEM (original equipment) or better. This critical member of the performance system requires careful attention if the engine is to operate at peak performance and deliver maximum fuel efficiency. The air filter screens out harmful dirt and grime that would otherwise find its way into the engine. This grit can and does cause internal engine wear. It can score cylinder walls and stick to close-tolerance mating surfaces, and cause bearing and lubricating surface wear.

The Air Filter change will only cost you around $25 equivalent to about a ½ tank of gas.  This $25 will save you a lot of $ at the pump over the course of time with the 10% bump in fuel efficiency.

Stop by or call (301) 419-2700 our Service Department if you have any questions.

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