5 Things You Need to Know about the Ford Owners Advantage Program

1. How do you become a member? Just by purchasing a vehicle at your local Ford dealership.

2. Where can you use your rewards? Your membership is valid only at the dealer you purchased your vehicle from.

3. How is your 5% credit calculated? When you pay for vehicle parts and service in our service department, the Owner Advantage Rewards Program allows you to earn a 5% of your qualified out-of-pocket spending toward future parts and service purchases.

4. What are the Oil Change Rewards? If you buy 4 oil changes, the 5th oil change (of equal or lesser value) is free.

5. How much does it cost? Membership is FREE!

Stop by or call us (301)419-2700 to learn more.

One Response to “5 Things You Need to Know about the Ford Owners Advantage Program”
  1. Beverly Baxendale says:

    Oil change is very important in an engine so that you can keep it on its tough shape. Dirt embedded in oil can really ruin the engine performance.;.;”

    Kindest regards

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