The Top 10 Car First Aid Kit Items You Need to Have

We highly recommend taking a first aid and CPR class through a local organization like the Red Cross, considering what you gain from them they are actually relatively inexpensive. Here is a list of upcoming First Aid classes in the area and CPR classes in the area.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for the worst and hope you never have to worry about using a First Aid Kit.  But, in the event of an accident it is best to be prepared.  So, here is a simple first aid kit to put in your car just in case.


Academy Ford’s Top 10 recommendations for Your Car First Aid Kit

  1. Non-latex gloves: Should be worn at all times especially if touching someone else who is bleeding.
  2. Individually Wrapped Alcohol Cleansing Pads: Great for cleaning debris out of wounds or to clean up any blood.
  3. Aspirin: it is inexpensive and could save someone’s life.  But, the first aid class is again recommended so; you know how to identify the symptoms of a heart attack.
  4. Latex free Band-Aids: for small cuts
  5. Gauze: for larger cuts
  6. Gauze Tape: for attaching the gauze
  7. Burn Ointment: for obvious reasons
  8. Curved Scissors:  come in handy and have many uses. Curved medical ones are great as they don’t have sharp points. In an emergency you might need to cut clothes away from an injury site and it is easy to poke through something and cause further injury when you are in a hurry or under stress.
  9. Flat Flashlight (so if you sit it down it doesn’t roll away): for nighttime incidents and if you need to check someone’s eyes
  10. CPR mask: you can find them at the American Red Cross store here 
We would recommend getting a small tool box, tackle box or art supply box to keep it all in.

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