Ford has been mailing out everyone’s MyFord Touch Updates and if you have a navigation-equipped vehicle you will receive a new SD card as well.  Once you have replaced the SD card I am sure some of you are wondering what to do with the old one. . .


Not only are you helping the environment but, you can choose what charity you would like to benefit from it:

Just go to

Then follow these easy instructions provided by FORD:

  1. Insert your old SD card into the jewel case provided with your new SD card.
  2. Select the charity you would like to donate to above.
  3. Print the page.
  4. Include the printed page indicating your charity selection along with the SD card in jewel case in a suitable envelope.
  5. Mail your used SD card to the address listed below. Don’t forget to place the appropriate postage on your return. Your donation will not be delivered without postage.

Please mail your old SD card to:
“Recycle for Charity”
48105 Warm Springs Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94539-7498

Stop by or call us (301)419-2700 to learn more. 

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