Does a Convenient, Stress Free Car Buying Experience Exist?

We as a society have all become increasingly busy and time is at the utmost premium. So, there is even more pressure to be able to effectively use every minute of the day.  But, alas take solace in knowing that at Academy Ford a convienent and stress free car buying experience does exist. Don’t believe us? See what our customers have to say:

“Great Sales Department!!! I just purchased a Ford Mustang Convertible and for the first time in my buying-car-experience a was driving my new car in about 2 hours…” –arsandin ( review)

“…When we went to finalize the paper work it took under 2 hours and everyone throughout that process were fantastic. I would and have recommended Academy Ford to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.” –pattyemory ( review)

Just Follow these Basic Guidelines and You Too Can Have a Convenient, Stress Free Car Buying Experience:

Give Us a Call

When you call us we can discuss pre-approval credit applications, trade-in requirements, applicable incentives, various model recommendations, and so much more.  This way you will be aware of just about everything you need to know so, there won’t be any road blocks (pun intended) to buying your car.

It’s really quite amazing how much can be accomplished with a simple phone call.  Our Product Knowledge Specialists can help with any questions you may have.  They spend close to 100 hours training to be certified. So, they are a great resource to utilize in the process.

Set up an Appointment

Have you ever made a reservation at your local favorite restaurant?  It’s great, isn’t it?  You save time, you can save money, and you save yourself some stress.  The restaurant knows you are coming, so they are prepared for you.

Do you think that it is surprising that this mentality doesn’t transfer to buying a car? 65% of customers first establish contact with a dealership by just stopping by, which we obviously love. But, if you are interested in saving time we definitely recommend giving us a call and setting up an appointment.

This helps us prepare all of the cars you are interested in.  We will try our best to have them sparkly clean and ready to go for you to check out and test drive.

Be Prepared

Everyone is different.  Our family history, our education, our religion…everything.  The car buying process is also different for just about everyone.  We all have different credit scores, different preferences, different lives that your new car should compliment.  So, you will all need different documents, down payments, and so on.  This is why it is best to discuss these things with our Product Knowledge Specialists.   But, here are some basic guidelines regarding different aspects of the car buying process:


Before coming in check out the Black Book estimate to get an idea of what you can expect

Then bring in your trade with you to your appointment as well as: registration, maintenance history, lien/payoff, extra set of keys, etc.


If you have a great credit score you really only need your Driver’s License and your Insurance Card.  But, if you are not sure about your credit you can check out this post for the additional items you may need.

Extended Service Plans

Do some research.  Figure out what Extended Service Plan is right for you, check this post out for our top 3 recommendations.

Bring your significant other

Purchasing a car is the second biggest purchase decision a customer generally makes.  So, it’s best to bring your partner in the interest of time so, that you can check it out together.

Come Visit, Have Fun!

Buying a car is a big decision but, it’s also a FUN decision.  Ford has a great lineup of really amazing vehicles, so give us a call (301)419-2700 and set up an appointment to come visit to see what we have for you.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

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