We are just catching up with last week’s Escape Routes episode recap.  Atlanta was a great city to host this week’s challenges.

Urban Challenge

All of the teams' works of art in progress

This week’s urban challenge was particularly unique.  They were asked to work with local artist to design and create a giant 22×10 mural.  The teams get to select their artist based on an example of their work in order of the leaderboard.  They then met with the artist to work on their design plans.  All of the teams seemed to jive relatively well with their artists.  Unfortunately, not all of them jived with each other.  Sharon and Wilson’s sibling rivalry seems to be causing them some trouble once again.  It’s a little sad because they are such a great team and have such great personalities, but the mounting disagreements I think are going to begin to hurt them in the upcoming challenges.  All the teams worked together well to get their murals finished in the short 4 hour time limit, minus Sharon and Wilson again… I’d have to say I am partial to the gray team but, I don’t think their mural was the best.  I have to hand the win to the black team.  I loved the very Atlanta sense of the music scene that was interpreted in the piece (see below).  

Black team's work of art in progress, my favorite

Each team would then be judged by their virtual followers and local artist critics, which of course resulted in the white team winning as they have the most virtual followers by far.

Online Challenge

The teams are challenged to come up with a rap including specific words that their virtual teammates selected for them.  Overall, everyone bombed this challenge.  I don’t think we have the next rap star in the midst of the Escape Routes teams.  Although, I think the white team definitely had the upper hand in this challenge and they came away with the win.

Escape Challenge

Tara, iJustine, and Bre at the Escape Challenge *Photo from iJustine

The teams were given directions to the Georgia Public Safety Training Center on their MyFord Touch/SYNC system using the favorites feature.  Once they arrived Rossi explains the premise of the challenge, Fireman 101.  Intense is an understatement! This challenge was tough. The teams had to extinguish a structural fire, rescue a dummy from a smoke filled building, and climb up the firetruck latter to the top of a building and repel down.  All of the teams surprisingly rose to the challenge quite admirably.  I would have been freaking out! The only hiccup was poor Chekesha and her fear of heights when it came time to repel down the building, but she was a trooper and got it done.

Point Repo

Bre & Tara are still at the bottom of the leaderboard so, they had the opportunity to repo some points from the winning white team.  This week’s point repo involved taking the Escape through a reverse slalom course without using their back up camera.  Bre took the wheel and Tara was navigating unfortunately for them they didn’t make it too far.  They were only able to steel 20 points from the white team.

On to the Next

This week the teams were in Miami.  We will be giving you are recap later this week as we catch up. 

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