ESCAPE ROUTES, EPISODE 4: Destination Sexy Miami

This week’s Escape Routes Episode was in Miami, FL.  They teams in their 2013 Ford Escapes pull up to a gorgeous huge Miami style modern home right on the water.  Rossi pulls up in a boat to the dock and welcomes all of the teams to their new home for the week.

Urban Challenge

Starts the morning after their arrival.  The teams wake up to a message from Rossi on their iPads.  He tells them to bring their bathing suits and to check out what’s on top of their 2013 Ford Escapes.  When they get down to the Escapes each on of them has a kayak strapped to the roof.  They hop in and the MyFord Touch system is programmed with their destination.  They are off to Grove Harbor Marina.  They unload their kayaks and make their way to the island and meet Rossi where he explains the challenge.

Jet lev from the Urban Challenge on Escape Routes

Photo by iJustine

Each team will go through a slalom course of inflatable buoys in the water with water jet packs.  These were awesome! I didn’t even know they existed! I can’t wait to try this out.  You basically strap on this jet pack and there is a huge hose attached to it that sucks up water and spits it out of the jet pack and you can fly up to 20 feet in the air.  It looked so fun! Anyway, back to the challenge each team through the course with the best time wins.  There is a little twist if they are able to go over the top of the last buoy the team can shave 1 minute off their time if both members of the team can do it they can knock 2 minutes off their time.  The Black team wins obviously! Lol! It just seems like any challenge where there is any type of athletic ability required they Black team wins the challenge and this week wasn’t any different.  They ended up with a time of 27 seconds because both Drew & Derek made it over the top of the last buoy to shave off 2 minutes from their true overall time.

Online Challenge

iJustine is in the house for the Interactive Challenge.  This week they have 3 members of the Miami media judge the challenge, which is dancing.  Each teams’ virtual followers has selected the type of dance the teams have to perform.  Some teams have it a little easier than others.  I really felt for the Blue team.  They were set up to fail with getting assigned ballet. That is tough! The rest of the teams dance assignments were as follows:

  • Black team: Salsa Dancing
  • White team: Swing Dancing
  • Yellow team: Square Dancing
  • Red team: Break Dancing
  • Gray team: Belly Dancing

The judges’ results aren’t announced until the end of the week. The Gray Team Wins!

Escape Challenge

This week they start the Escape Challenge by camping out in the Everglades.  Terrance from the Gray team and Tiffany & Chekesha from the Yellow team are terrified! I don’t’ think Terrence got any sleep, he looked like a hot mess the next morning.  He said, ” I have never been more excited to see the sunshine.” Lol! I think he was hearing too many of the Everglades animals in the night.  So, onto the challenge.  They had a cage and a mesh bag given to them.  Each team had to capture 2 snakes and 2 alligators and put them behind an opponents Escape.  If your Escape had 2 snakes and 2 alligators behind it you were then eliminated. The first team to go was the Black team.  I think the rest of the teams finally caught on to the fact that the Black team has an extreme advantage in all of these physical challenges.  Then the Gray team goes, the White team, the Blue team, the Red team, and the Yellow team wins their first Escape Challenge!

Point Repo

Words with friends gets a real life challenge this week.  The Yellow team is in last place so, they get to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve letters to make words on a Words with Friends board.  Each word is worth 5 points and they are allowed to steal up to 50 points from the White team who was currently in first place.  The Yellow team did great! They stole 40 points from the White team and moved out of last place to fifth.

The NEW team Standings are:

#1 Terrence & Iris/Gray Team

#2 Brett & Ross/White Team

#3 Drew & Derek/Black Team

#4 Sharon & Wilson/Blue Team

#5 Chekesha & Tiffany/Yellow Team

#6 Bre & Tara/Red Team

Check out some behind the scenes footage by Maria De Los Angeles from her blog

Onto San Fran on Saturday’s Episode at 8pm on NBC.

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