Certified Pre-Enjoyed = Certified Pre-Owned

Used Car Special Financing

Academy Ford is happy to tell you that there is yet another reason other than here, here, here, or here to consider a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle and that reason is the National Ford Certified Pre-Owned Sales Event kicking off today! If you finance with Ford you can qualify for an interest rate as low as 0.9% … Continue reading

Road Trip Ready: Packing Perfection

Okay so the work week is almost over and you are beyond ready for the long Memorial Day weekend, the road trip plans are confirmed, you’ve decided on a meeting place, your bags are packed, etc.  But, have you packed your vehicle for the road trip? Make sure you have some items to prepare yourself … Continue reading

Why Certified Pre-Owned May Be the Right Choice for You?

We have covered a lot of the basics in regards to the various elements of a Certified Pre-Owned program and also a closer look at what the specific benefits are for a Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle and even more specifically the benefits of a Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle at Academy Ford. So, why is that the first question you … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Champ!

Happy Birthday, Champ!

Walter Champ celebrates his birthday today!  So, we wanted to take the opportunity to recognize him for his commitment to Academy Ford and take the time to honor his hard work and contributions to the company.  We are proud to have him as part of the Academy Ford family. When asked what Ford model was … Continue reading

Road Trips will Save You Money

We recently read an article by the Car Care Council, “With Airfares Soaring, Driving is the Way to Go,” they         illustrated a comparison of the cost of flying vs. driving.  Below are some of the major points: The Car Care Council compared the cost of flying vs. driving for a family … Continue reading

See How Ford’s Certified Pre-Owned Programs Stacks Up

So, there are obviously a lot of similarities between most certified used vehicle programs. However, there are also considerable differences in what other manufacturers offer. We have provided the above table because we think buying a Ford Certified Pre- Owned vehicle is the sensible choice. Vehicle Inspection When it comes to the vehicle inspection, only … Continue reading

Main Street Festival Recap

This Saturday bright and early we headed out to Main Street in Laurel.  Then once we had our tent set up with all types of Ford Merchandise, Jax Wax products, and BG products it was time to enjoy the parade! Once the parade had commenced we were lucky enough to have many members of the … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day from Academy Ford!

Think of all the work that Moms do in raising their children. They need to be celebrated, especially the SuperMoms! President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed May 9, 1914, the first Mother’s Day. He asked Americans on that day to give a public “thank you” to their mothers and all mothers.  So, today we wanted to take … Continue reading

What Certified PreOwned means at Academy Ford

Academy Ford Certified PreOwned

The Ford Certified PreOwned (CPO) program comes with uncompromised standards.  Ford guarantees the vehicle to be a well-maintained late model Ford.  If the vehicle does not pass any portion of the inspection it will not be certified.  Here at Academy Ford we take Ford’s CPO program very seriously.  We have been involved with the Ford … Continue reading


The sixth and final episode of Escape Routes aired this past Saturday.  This episode starts off in San Francisco and Rossi announces their next location…Las Vegas.  The teams are asked to pack their bags and head out to their Escapes that are loaded up with bikes and directions to the location of their next Escape Challenge on their MyFord … Continue reading