Escape Routes RecapThe fifth episode of Escape Routes aired this past Saturday.  After this only one more episode left 😦 The second to the last episode was taped in San Francisco, CA.  The teams arrive at the beautiful Fairmont Heritage Place in Ghirardelli Square in their 2013 Ford Escapes. Rossi then welcomes all of the teams to the new city for the week.

The teams get settled into their new home but, not without some DRAMA.  Team Blue and Team Gray are in the kitchen fixing something to eat.  Enter in Ross from the Team White .  He comes into see if there is anything left to fix to eat.  Following his request are a few awkward comments…  Then Terrence from Team Gray gives him some chicken breast.  Wilson instigates and tells him that Sharon will cook it for him.  Poor Ross innocently buys into this and he was like oh really thanks so much.  Not soo fast!! Sharon lays into him…She was like I will kill you before I cook for you.   I felt so bad for Ross because he didn’t even know he had it coming.  I don’t know if it’s just a matter of the competitive nature of the show and Team White has been performing really well or that Sharon just doesn’t like Ross, but either way it seemed a little unnecessary.  Then of course there is the house gossip and everyone puts in their 2 cents worth.  Unfortunately illustrating one of the drawbacks of reality shows like this, straight up cattiness.  A little lame for our taste.  Anyway, onto the challenges…

Urban Challenge

The teams head out in their Ford Escapes with their destinations programmed into MyFord Touch.  They are going to the Golden Gate Bridge where they meet Rossi to get the 411 on their next challenge.  This week the Urban Challenge has an “eco” twist.  The team with the least mileage collecting 4 mementos from some of the San Francisco landmarks wins! The mementos are: a sourdough crab shaped loaf of bread from Boudin, a fortune teller card from the Musse Mechanique, a t-shirt from a random person at the intersection of Haight & Ashbury, and a video of them driving down Lombard Street in their Ford Escapes.  The teams cannot use their navigation systems or any maps.  They have to solely rely on their virtual teammates to find out where these San Francisco landmarks are all while trying to put the least amount of mileage on the Escapes.  Most of the teams do really well but, a few are more aware of the importance of the mileage.  Team Gray pulls off the win with only 8.9 miles, ROCK STARS!!

Interactive Challenge

Borringgggggggg! Escape Routes game show come on….we have to get more creative than that! So, far the interactive challenges have been so entertaining so, it was a little disappointing this week to have a game show where all of the questions were about the show they were on. Anyway, Team Blue came away with the win. Maybe it’s just us but, we don’t get it.  What did you guys think??

Escape Challenge

The teams head out to Sonoma, CA for a surprise challenge.  They park at their destination and hear Rossi calling for them. So, they follow the sound of his voice to find him surrounded by Trapeze Pro.  The Escape Challenge is a two part challenge: the flying trapeze and back flips on a trampoline.  The team that can do the flying trapeze in the least attempts and the most back flips in a minute wins.  The ladies owned this challenge Team Red & Team Yellow were the only teams to get the flying trapeze on the first attempt.  Wilson from Team blue struggled it took him 4 attempts to finally get it done.  But, Brett from the Team White could not  so, they took last place on this portion of the challenge.  The back flips seemed to be a bit easier for the teams Tara rocked it out she took the top spot on this one and Team White was able to make some head way because of Ross’ back flipping skills they ended up in 4th place on this challenge.

Point Repo

The standings at this point in the competition put Team Gray and Team White in a tie for first place and Team Yellow in last place.  So, Team Yellow had an opportunity to repo up to 50 points away from the two winning teams.  I thought that this challenge was a pretty interesting concept, they put memory sticks in juggling balls and each memory stick had an assigned point value from 0 to 50.  Team Yellow watched Rossi as he put each memory stick into the juggling balls and they had to focus on the balls to make sure they knew which ball was the 50 pointer so, they could get the most out of this challenge.  Tiffany was on point she never let that 50 point ball out of her sight and she got her team moving up on the leaderboard.


#1 Drew & Derek/Black Team

#2 TIED: Brett & Ross/White Team Terrence & Iris/Gray Team

#3 Sharon & Wilson/Blue Team

#4 Chekesha & Tiffany/Yellow Team

#5 Bre & Tara/Red Team

Check out some behind the scenes footage from this week’s episode courtesy of  iJustine:


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