The sixth and final episode of Escape Routes aired this past Saturday.  This episode starts off in San Francisco and Rossi announces their next location…Las Vegas.  The teams are asked to pack their bags and head out to their Escapes that are loaded up with bikes and directions to the location of their next Escape Challenge on their MyFord Touch systems.

Interactive Challenge

Once the teams are loaded up in their Escapes iJustine explains their interactive challenge.  The teams will have various tasks on their road trip to Las Vegas including: puzzles, drawing of the driver, string shapes, etc. each earning various points values.

Escape Challenge

Once the teams arrive at the location of the Escape Challenge they are off on their bikes down a dirt trail at Trona Pinnacles. The Trona Pinnacles are one of the most unusual geologic wonders in the California Desert. This unique landscape consists of more than 500 tufa (calcium carbonate) pinnacles rising from the bed of the Searles Dry Lake basin.

Escape Challenge at the Trona Pinnacles

These tufa spires, some as high as 140 feet, were formed underwater 10,000 to 100,000 years ago.  Once they reach Rossi at the Trona Pinnacles he explains the Escape Challenge, a treasure hunt.  Based on a treasure map that Rossi provides the teams search out bags with poker chips that will be used later for an advantage in the Urban Challenge.  However, there is a twist to this challenge; there are only 5 bags so one team will be left with out the advantage and will get 0 points.  Everyone starts running around like crazy.  The bags are hidden well even with the use of the maps they are proving to be very difficult to find.  Team Gray encounters a rattle snack and Team Blue eyes a scorpion, so the challenge isn’t only finding these bags it’s also dealing with the dangers of the California Desert.  Team Black owns this challenge they are the first to find the bag and run back to the finish line getting them 100 points.  The rest slowly follow suit until its just Team White and Team Red scourging for the last bag.  Team Red refocuses and eliminates the possible location of the last bag based on the other teams and they run to find the last bag beating out Team White.  So, Team White ends up with 0 points and no chip.

The teams then head out to their new homes for this week’s challenges, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.  They aren’t there long before Rossi gives them a heads up that the next day’s Urban Challenge will be a game changer with a points value of 200.  The competitive nature at the house reaches an all time high and all bets are off the teams are all convinced that they are going to win this and aren’t afraid to say it.

Urban Challenge

The urban challenge is not just a physical challenge they also are challenged on their knowledge of the show.  Each team can wager points on whether or not they believe they have answered the questions correctly.  They can also use their wild card chip from the Escape Challenge to take away points from another opposing team.  This is all while zip line back and forth from the New York, New York Resort & Casino to the Monte  Carlo Resort & Casino at 40 stories above Las Vegas.  Team Red goes for it both Bre and Tara do not show any fear and conquer the zip line.  Chekesha’s fear of heights does not help her at all with this challenge but, after a pep talk from Tiffany she does go for it.  Sharon seems a little worried about Wilson and encourages him to man up.  Team Black dominates.  Team White struggles Brett cannot handle the trip back because he doesn’t have the strength to pull his weight; he forfeits the challenge.  When Brett quits he loses Team White the opportunity to win any points for the course, they can only get points for the questions.

The Finale Surprise

Rossi uncovers a prize wheel with various items for the teams to win.  The prizes include, $0, $2,000, $10,000, tablets, bikes, and so much more.  Each team can spin the wheel in the order of who one the Interactive Challenge.  Of course Team White goes first.  They each win a bike.  Red Team can in second and they win $2,000.   Black Team spins and wins tablets.  Blue Team follows suit and wins a tablet.  Gray Team gets the $0…womp womp!  Last to spin Team Yellow comes away with $2,000.

Then the most anticipated moment of the entire show, the announcing of the winners.  Rossi starts with announcing 6th place and working his way up to the top spot.  The teams all seem very hopeful because going into this last episode the leaderboard didn’t really have too many points between 6th place and 1st so, it really was anyone’s game.  But, there is always a winner and in this case 5 losers.  So, here you are the last team standings report:

The Last Team Standings Are:

#6 Brett & Ross/Team White

#5 Sharon & Wilson/Team Blue 

#4 Chekesha & Tiffany/Team Yellow

#3 Terrence & Iris/Team Gray

#2 Bre & Tara/Team Red 

#1 Drew & Derek/Team Black 

Congratulations to Drew & Derek they are the new proud owners of the 2013 Ford Escape and are $100,000 richer!!

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