Happy Birthday Champ!

Happy Birthday, Champ!

Walter Champ celebrates his birthday today!  So, we wanted to take the opportunity to recognize him for his commitment to Academy Ford and take the time to honor his hard work and contributions to the company.  We are proud to have him as part of the Academy Ford family.

When asked what Ford model was his favorite he couldn’t choose, but he does drive a Ford F-350.  That’s a lot of truck, which he probably needs due to his life of 4 wheeling, motorcycles, and hunting outside of work.  Champ grew up close by in Glen Burnie and now resides in Cheverly.  

Champ has worked at Academy Ford for 27 years and is a strong leader in our service department.   His specialty is in brakes, front & rear differentials, and suspension.  He has been at Academy Ford for so long because he believes in the company and thinks that it is a good place to work.

Joe Boyd Sr. in our finance department also has a birthday this month.  Happy Birthday to him as well!

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