Road Trip Ready: Packing Perfection

Okay so the work week is almost over and you are beyond ready for the long Memorial Day weekend, the road trip plans are confirmed, you’ve decided on a meeting place, your bags are packed, etc.  But, have you packed your vehicle for the road trip? Make sure you have some items to prepare yourself for what might come up on the road.  Here are a few things that will help in reaching your packing perfection goal and make you Road Trip Ready.

1. Emergency Preparedness

It’s always a good idea to be prepared with a First Aid Kit for your car.  In the event of an accident it is a tremendous resource to have on hand.  So, check out our blog post to put together a simple first aid kit to put in your car, just in case.

2. Organize

Go through your glove box take out any expired insurance cards, registrations, or the hundreds of napkins that you have been saving.  Your glove box should really just store your important vehicle documents and a few essentials to ensure your safety and your vehicle’s safety.  So, make sure you have an up to date registration and insurance card in a convenient place. Also, make sure that the owner’s manual is in the car and then place your registration and insurance card in the with your owner’s manual, that way everything is together.

Glove Box Essentials to Get You Road Trip Ready

Glove Box Essentials to Get You Road Trip Ready

3. Glove Box Essentials

Now onto the few essentials to always have in your glove box:

  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Flash light
  • Pad of Paper 
  • Pen  

Tire pressure is so important! I know there may be some of you thinking, “What is tire pressure?” So, not to get into too much detail but, a simple explanation of tire pressure is a measure of the amount of air in a vehicle’s tires, in pounds per square inch.  The tire pressure gauge is a vital tool used to measure pressure that you should always have with your vehicle.  Not only does having the correct tire pressure increase your mpgs and save you money, it can also save you from a lot of frustration.  The tire pressure gauge can help you identify a slow leak in your tire before you’re stuck with a flat or the it can even help prevent a blowout if used regularly.  Did you know that one of the most common causes for tire blowouts is underinflatation?

The flash light purpose is probably the most obvious.  If you are doing any night driving it is really important to have a flash light in an easy to access location.  That way if your vehicle is having any issues you will be able to easily grab it from your glove box and safely check it out.  

The pad of paper and pen may seem a little odd.  It’s not like we think you will be writing poems on your road trip.  No, instead the purpose of it is to write down information if you happen to get into an accident.  Obviously, in any type of accident you will need the other party’s name, phone #, insurance company, and insurance policy number, which most of the time you can get easily from them.  But, if you are involved in the 1 out of every 10 crashes that takes place with a hit and run driver it maybe a little more difficult to get this information, so having the pad of paper and a pen in an easily accessible location like the glove box is essential.  I can personally speak to the importance of this as I was the victim of a hit and run driver.  I was heading home from work maybe 5 miles away from my apartment just sitting in a turn lane with my blinker on waiting for the traffic to die down, so I could safely make the turn when I was t-boned by a driver who decided to back up, turn around, and leave.  I was lucky enough that I had a pad of paper and pen handy that I was able to get his license plate number, but not everyone is because you only have a few moments sometimes even seconds to get this crucial information.  I must caution you that having your cellphone doesn’t eliminate the need for this because you will be frazzled when something like this happens so, its best to rely on a very basic means to documenting this information.

4. Trunk Necessities

  • Tool Box
  • Reflective Tape for Tool Box
  • Reflective Triangles
  • Flares
  • Jumper Cables
  • Screwdriver Flat/Phillips
  • Electrical Tape
  • Magnetic Tool just in case your lug nuts roll away on you…
  • Fix a Flat
  • Gloves
  • Rain Poncho
  • Gallon of water
  • Quart of Oil
  • Funnel for gas/oil

These are just some basic items to have with you in case of any type of maintenance issue or if you have an unlucky flat tire situation.

What other things do you pack for your car so you are Road Trip Ready?

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