Mitzi Celebrates 15 Years with Academy Ford

Mitzi, Academy Ford's Warranty Administrator

Mitzi, Academy Ford’s Warranty Administrator

Mitzi has been a part of the Academy Ford family for 15 years today.  She started her career at Academy Ford as a part-time File Clerk with basic bookkeeping responsibilities transitioning into a full time position in 2002.  She began as an Accounts Receivables Specialist and is now working as our Warranty Administrator in the Service Department.  She enjoys working at Academy Ford because of the interaction with her co-workers and customers.  “The customers that come here; come for years and years so you begin to develop friendships and the rapport that is built is unlike anywhere else.  The environment here is much more courteous.  We care a lot about our customers so; we take the time to give them the best explanation of their warranty coverage and repairs as possible.  We also make sure that our customers feel wanted.  We truly appreciate their business and we are sure to share that with them.” 

Mitzi was born and raised in nearby Bowie, MD.  Outside of work her time is dedicated to building her LP record collection.  She also spends time as an eBay power seller buying and selling LP records.  Her favorite food is sushi and if she had the ability to choose a super power it would be reading minds. 

Congratulations to Mitzi on her incredible achievement! We appreciate her commitment to Academy Ford! 

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