Road Trip Ready: The Ride Home

Road Trip Ready: The Ride Home

Guests use their laptops as singer Luke Rathborne performs at the Ace Hotel in New York. (CASEY KELBAUGH | THE NEW YORK TIMES)

So, the vacay is over and it’s back in the car for the ride home.  But, wait the ride home does not have to be the end of the trip!  With most vacations, the trip is over as soon as you get back home – with a road trip, you can stretch your vacation out for a few days on the ride home.  Resist the temptation to just drive all day long and crash at whatever hotel is near when you can’t drive anymore.  Instead use those final days to relax, spend some less time on the road, and some more time actually enjoying the hotel.   If you are traveling with kids, or you just want to surprise your spouse, adding a surprise night onto your trip makes everyone happy.  Hotels are really affordable and they are increasingly adding in amenities that make them more than just a place to sleep.  

The hotel industry is still recovering from the depths of the recession and as a way to combat these tough economic times they are adapting the needs of the new emerging customer who is in their 20s- mid 30s.  As a way to do just that hotel chains are now offering, “free hotelwide Wi-Fi connections; large, welcoming lobbies with plush, comfortable furnishings; state-of-the-art fitness areas; in-room power consoles to plug in iPads, laptops and other devices; and stylish bars that spill into the lobby.  Some are also scheduling nightly social events, like happy hours and free wine tastings, aimed at luring the iPhone-toting generation to their hotels,” according to The New York Times.

So, why not take advantage of these new-found amenities on your way home from your vacation.   Soak up some free wifi and join the rest of us on Pinterest as you are lounging at the hotel pool.  Then maybe squeeze in that evening’s free wine tasting before heading to bed.  

Tell us about your road trip ride home in the comments section below.  Where did you stop? What sort of amenities did they offer that made your trip home that much more relaxing?


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