Driving Safely in the Rain

July has just about come and gone and we are still trying to prepare you for August, the most dangerous month of the year when considering auto accidents.  The weather has been pretty intense lately with all of the summer thunderstorms rolling through.  And we still have some yet to come. Check out the forecast: … Continue reading

The ALL-NEW 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid is Coming Soon

The C-MAX Hybrid is the start of something new at Ford.  It is the first installment of the all-Hybrid vehicle line from Ford.  The C-MAX Hybrid combines the familiar Ford luxuries of advanced technology and interior versatility with a new lithium-ion battery system and the next-generation Ford hybrid-electric power split architecture.   Ford has designed … Continue reading

5 Ways to Keep it Clean

Remember when you took great pride in your vehicle’s appearance.  The spotless interior and the fresh coat of wax making it shine.  Then you grew up and started working 40+ hours a week and your car has lost its sparkle.  Whether it’s the kids taking over the backseat marked by clutter, crumbs, & cringe-inducing stains … Continue reading

Changing a Flat Tire, We all Have to Face it at Some Point

Let’s get back to the basics here.  Changing a tire is unfortunately a pretty unavoidable thing for the average car owner.  You never know when this may happen but, rest assured that it probably will happen a few times throughout your driving lifetime.  Although, you do have a few options: 1. Buy a NEW Ford! You get the Ford … Continue reading

Today is National Hot Dog Day!

With the usual trifecta of ketchup, mustard, and relish, not many people can deny that hot dogs are truly delicious! They are a timeless American tradition and a favorite food to eat at baseball games and family cookouts throughout the summer. Other common names for hot dogs are frankfurters, franks, wieners and dogs. They are … Continue reading

How to Get the Most Out of Your Service Appointment

Whether you are coming to see us for routine maintenance or you’re having issues with your vehicle that you just can’t figure out.  These tips will help you get the most out of your service appointment. Communicate: The better the customer can convey to one of our service advisers what is wrong with his/her vehicle the easier it … Continue reading

To Infinity And Beyond!

200,000 Mile Odometer, It Does Exist!

Well maybe not infinity but more like 200,000 miles.  We know that 200,000 miles may seem like an unobtainable goal, but we are here to tell you that many experts will agree that basic maintenance is the key to reaching that illustrious mile marker on your vehicle’s odometer.  We’ve put together the short list on … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes: Focus ST Performance Academy

Saturday afternoon proved to be quite an experience.  We went behind the scenes of the Focus ST Performance Academy.  The first leg of this adventure was the Academy portion of the day.  While you mainly get the Rules of Engagement for the day, you also get some inside information from some of the racing professionals … Continue reading

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Lucky us! When you need an excuse to eat ice cream what’s better that a national holiday?  National Ice Cream Day, which is celebrated every year on the 3rd Sunday in July, was begun by President Ronald Reagan in 1984.  He also proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month.  And what could be better for … Continue reading

6 Quick Tips to Driving Safely at Night

Ford Focus Driving Safely at Night

It’s just about midway through July and we want to take this opportunity to prepare you for August, the most dangerous month of the year when considering auto accidents; driving at night being the most fatal circumstance.  49% of all fatal car accidents occur at night despite there being fewer drivers on the road.  The … Continue reading