Why should your Ford Truck be your Blue Oval Office?

Built Ford Tough

In the spirit of the recent holiday celebrating the true honor it is to be an American and celebrating our independence now 236 years ago, we were thinking what could be more American than the oval office?  How about a blue oval office?  The blue oval is an authentic badge of honor and represents all things American and Ford.  We maybe a little subjective but, we truly love our blue oval.  Now you may be thinking, “What does that have to do with an office?” Well, we have heard from our customers and read some stories on fordsocial.com  and it seems to be a trend that our beloved Ford trucks have been serving many American business owners as their blue oval office, so we thought what a better time to acknowledged them then now!  In addition how about sharing a few details with you to ensure that you are utilizing our Ford trucks to their full capabilities as an office and work vehicle… 

Presenting Ford Work SolutionsTM

Ford Work Solutions provides an unprecedented level of connectivity, flexibility and security to assist owners in the utilization of the vehicle for commercial purposes.

  •  In-dash Computer:
    • Provides full high-speed Internet access using the Sprint® Mobile Broadband Network and a Garmin® Navigation System
  • Microsoft® Windows®:
    • Automotive software that allows users to print invoices, check inventories and access documents stored on their home or office computer networks while on the road
    • Printing capability requires an optional onboard, Blue tooth® enabled ink jet printer
  • Crew Chief™:
    • Networks a fleet of vehicles
    • Provides real-time vehicle location and maintenance checks on individual units such as tire pressure, fuel levels, or Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
    • Calculates fuel usage and fuel tax reporting, helping to manage fleet costs more efficiently
  • Tool Link™:Ford work Solutions(TM) Tool Link (TM) from DeWalt (TM) uses UHF RFID technology to tell you what’s in your truck and what isn’t.
    • How it works: Simply attach the included RFID tags to any tools or equipment you want to track. Place the tools in the truck or van and use the Tool Link system to scan them. The system identifies each tag, and you can type in the name of the item. Once the inventory is complete, the system can track the items you tagged whenever they are in the truck, and alert you if they are missing. With a simple touch on the Tool Link screen, your truck will make sure you have the tools you need before you leave for the job.
    • What it means for you: Check Tool Link before you leave for a job to make sure you have the tools you need. Check it again at the end of the workday to see that all the gear you used at the job site is back on board. You can add new items to an existing inventory, and even create job-specific inventories. Off the job, use Tool Link to track the stuff you use for camping, hunting or for your favorite hobby. Whether it’s tracking a compressor or a tackle box, Tool Link is one seriously useful piece of technology.


In the comments section below let us know how you use your Ford truck or any vehicle for that matter as your blue oval office.  Any questions can be submitted here as well. 

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