How to Get the Most Out of Your Service Appointment

Whether you are coming to see us for routine maintenance or you’re having issues with your vehicle that you just can’t figure out.  These tips will help you get the most out of your service appointment.

  1. Communicate: The better the customer can convey to one of our service advisers what is wrong with his/her vehicle the easier it is for a technician to diagnose and fix the issue.  We recommend writing everything down that way you don’t forget to mention anything when you drop your vehicle off. List any descriptive characteristics of the problem: specific sounds, sensations, leaks, smells and when/how often they occur.  Also, mention any service that was performed recently if it wasn’t completed here.  As today’s issue may have something to do with last month’s repairs.
  2. Set Realistic Expectations: Ask for estimates on time but, realize that they are estimates.  It generally takes about an hour to diagnose an issue but, the repair process can be a little more tricky.  There are times when a part comes in wrong, they need an additional part for the repair, or they have found another issue causing the repair to take longer than expected.  So, just be conscious of the possibility that it may take longer than the estimated time and plan your day around that.
  3. Make Yourself Available: Be sure to leave the best phone numbers where you can be reached and respond promptly.  If we can’t reach you to approve a repair, your vehicle will sit and remain unattended for that much longer.  Also, you’ll want to know that the car is ready and the final cost before returning to pick it up.
  4. Leave Some Fuel in the Tank: We recommend  a quarter of a tank.  Some of the tests to diagnosis certain issues need this specific amount of gas to perform the test.  Also, just in general the technicians will need some gas to test drive your vehicle to identify the issue or verify the characteristics of the issue that you explained.  This ensures that the technician is focusing on the right things when diagnosing the issue & determining repairs needed.

Let us know if you have in any questions in the comments section below.

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