5 Ways to Keep it Clean

Remember when you took great pride in your vehicle’s appearance.  The spotless interior and the fresh coat of wax making it shine.  Then you grew up and started working 40+ hours a week and your car has lost its sparkle.  Whether it’s the kids taking over the backseat marked by clutter, crumbs, & cringe-inducing stains or the time at work that has given way to an intense layer of dust that people have been leaving you messages in…

it is time to make a change!  While your days of traveling light or knowing what a weekend is maybe over, it is possible to return your ride to a neat & shiny state.  The secret: get your car in order once and then keep it that way.  It will only take an hour or two of your time and we promise you will be glad you did.

#1 Wrangle the “Carbage”: Whether its your breakfast trash on the way to the office or the little people creating the mess there is an easy solution.  A waterproof litter bag that is tip resistant will change everything.  If you have a difficult time getting the kiddos to use it consider making up a little song to help them remember, this same tactic seems to work for Barney, so embrace it.

#2 Protect & Save: Your upholstery is under fire when considering the damage your kids and/pets can do.  So, protect it with some car armor.  You can find a lot of affordable options for single/bench seat covers at very affordable prices, starting at around $25.

#3 If you use your trunk or cargo area for hauling strollers or sporting gear it pays to protect it from muddy stroller wheels or soccer shoes.  A rugged cargo mat can really work wonders; look for one that is waterproof and machine washable.

#4 Give Your Car a Bath: Follow our 5 Easy Steps to give your car a good cleaning and it should last you for just about a month.

#5 Keep it Shining:  When your wax job is looking less than stellar bring it back to life with Hawaiian Shine to give yourself an extra week of shine.

We hope this provides you will some hope and inspiration to get your shine back.  Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions.  

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