Need a Carpool Game Plan?

We got you covered.  Whether you are a new parent to the school scene or you have gone back to work recently and can’t be everywhere at once, carpooling can really help out a busy parent.  But, you can’t just add your name to the carpool list and call it a day.  There has to be a strategy and we are here to help you with some tips to developing the strategy you need to make a carpool successful for your family.  

  1. Establish a System– You want your system to be easy  for the carpool members to remember  their roles. So, we suggest something like assigning pick up/drop off or rotating certain days/weeks.  
  2. Develop a Contingency Plan– You want to prepared for life’s unexpected curve balls such as early dismissals, a sick child, emergencies, or activities that run late.
  3. Regulate–  Each driver should set rules for their own car regarding: snacks, drinks, music, etc.  
  4. Agree to Carpool Safety Rules- 
      • NO Kids Upfront
      • NO Sharing Seat Belts
      • Use Car/ Booster Seats if Necessary
      • Keep Emergency Phone #s in the Glove Box in Case of a Lost Cell Phone or One with a Dead Battery
      • Pull Over if Children are Bickering so, You Won’t be Distracted while Driving

AAA has done some research on the cost savings in carpooling and they have found that you can save close to $3,000/year.  This savings factors in gas expense, maintenance costs, and tires.  Not to mention the stress reduction, what a priceless benefit? So, get to work before your child’s school year begins & set up your carpool.

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