Car Accessories When You Need a Truck

Life has a way of serving us things that we may not always be prepared for . . . for example, no matter who you are, there are times when you have a job to do that is really ideal for a truck. However, not everyone has the budget to own a truck. So, what are you supposed to do when you have a job to do that only a truck can handle? Well, why not give your car some truck like characteristics? Here are some great accessories for car owners when you need a truck.

Cargo Area Protector. When it’s a messy load and you’d prefer not to soil the trunk of your car, nothing works like a cargo area protector. This durable, lightweight polyethylene tray is molded to the contours of your vehicle. Raised lip helps contain spills. Available in black. Installs and removes easily without tools.

Trailer. If your car has a trailer hitch (or if you can add one), it may be a good idea to invest in a trailer when you need to haul a big load. Just make sure that your car has the horsepower to tow the trailer and whatever’s in it.  A trailer can enable you to more than double your cargo room!

Roof rack and Cargo Box. If you can’t expand out with a trailer, try expanding up! Adding a roof rack and cargo box to the top of your car can give you added space for your gear and free up the inside of your car.

Cargo Box

Or if you are ready to make the plunge and join us in the Built Ford Tough lifestyle, check out the truck options we have for sale today! 

What are some of your tips to get the most truck out of your car? Let us know in the comments section below.  

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