Top 5 Test Drive Tips

You have done all the research you can handle online and you are beyond excited to finally get your hands on the NEW car of your dreams!  A test drive is imperative when buying a car, you want to make sure that this fine crafted piece of machinery will fit into your daily life perfectly and live up to all of your expectations.  We guarantee that these tips will help you tremendously.  They will enable you to stay focused in order to make sure that the vehicle you are considering to buy is the right choice for you.  And here’s how . . . 

  1. Schedule your Test Drive:  Not only do we recommend to schedule the test drive with us but, schedule it in on your busy calendar as well.  Give yourself a good 3 hours so, that you don’t feel rushed and you can take the time to really get to know the vehicle.  Also, just something to consider if you have some paid time off to burn take a personal day from work and stop by the dealership on a weekday.  We are generally less busy Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  
  2. Load it up:  Bring in all of the crazy stuff that gets time in the car; whether that is pet carriers, child safety seats, a monster-sized suitcase, or your commuter thermos. This is a perfect time to test it out so, you know what works in the potential new ride.  
  3. Get Comfy:  Get in and out of the driver’s seat a few times to get a real feel for the positioning to the ground: is it to high/low? or does it seem to be just right?  Also try to take notice of the leg room are your knees bending comfortably?  Make sure you can adjust the seat and steering wheel so that you have a comfortable driving position.  
  4. Peruse the Interior:  Check out all the interior storage. Make a mental note of where you would keep all of your essentials.  Be sure to have all your bases covered: purse, phone, sunglasses, coffee, etc.  Inspect the trunk space.  Is it big enough for all of your sports equipment, baby strollers, or whatever you may need?  2013 Ford Mustang Convertible Interior
  5. How to Hit the Road:  We have outlined 5 stops on your drive to get the best test of the vehicle’s driving capabilities.

Top 5 Test Drive Tips

    • Shopping Center
      • Pull in/out of a parking space
      • Test the maneuverability in the tight spots
    • Freeway
      • Try out the acceleration
        • Once you get to highway speed test the ability of the vehicle to pass someone.  Does it pull away smoothly?  Do the gears shift properly?
    •  Steep Grade
      • Make sure you get enough power
      • Ensure it is easy to find the proper gear
    • Bumpy Road/Railroad Tracks
      • Is is a smooth ride or nauseatingly bouncy?
    • Empty Parking Lot
      • Test the brakes
        • Choose a visual cue to be a braking point (BP)
        • Accelerate to a comfortable, safe speed
        • Brake Normally
          • Does the pedal feel firm/soft?
          • How much effort did it require?
          • How far away are you from your BP?
        • Try again, but this time test a Panic Stop
          • Slam on the brakes as hard as you can and notice how the car responds

Follow our Top 5 Test Drive Tips to help you to determine if the vehicle is the right fit for you.  It will also let you get a real feel for all of the driving capabilities of the vehicle.  What other things do you look for when you test drive?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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