Get Your Car Ready for Back to School

So, the school supplies have been purchased, new fall clothes are overflowing the kids’ closets, and the carpooling schedule has been finalized. (If not check out this post)  You are ready for the school year to begin, right? Not so fast…you have to get the car ready too!  Don’t worry there aren’t too many things to check up on, but they are important so take notes. 

1. Check your Fluid Levels:  the never ending stop and go of the carpool loop can really wreak havoc on the moving parts under the hood, so your car’s fluids become even more important, now more than ever!

  • Engine Oil
  • Coolant
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid

2. Check your Battery:  Consumer Reports suggests getting a battery check every 2-3 years of your battery’s life.  Just stop by the dealership and we can make sure everything is in working order for you for FREE.

3. Check the Tires: Tires are the more often than not taken for granted by the average car owner.  Don’t be an average car owner! Because tires are one of the most important components to your vehicle.  Check them out for the following to prevent any issues:

  • Uneven Tread Wear
  • Nails
  • Low Pressure

Those 3 checks will calm your worries during the next 45 min loop around the carpool system.  As for the kids that are going away to college, go one extra step and find them a local dealership that they can use while away.  Just stop by and introduce your child and grab a card for one of the service advisers, so that if an unfortunate car issue pops up they are prepared.

Do you have any advice for other parents reading? Share your tips to help them prepare for the upcoming school year in the comments section below. 

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