Simmy has been a part of the Academy Ford family for 28 years today. He started his career at Academy Ford as a painter in the body shop.  When an unexpected medical leave came up for the then manager he was asked to step up and take over.  Within that time he had a self-taught management course of the Academy Ford Body Shop.  When the manager returned he was promoted to Assistant Manager for his excellent work in the manger’s absence.  Years later after the manager retired, Simmy was asked to take over that role and has been doing so ever since.

He has stayed at Academy Ford for 28 years because he loves the work environment.  “It just feels like family,” was Simmy’s response to why he enjoys working at Academy Ford.  He continued to highlight the things that make Academy Ford a great place to work including the anti-corporate feel of the dealership.

Simmy was born in West Virginia but, was soon transplanted to this area at the age of 7.  He now lives on Kent Island and spends most of his time outside of work boating and crabbing or riding his 4Wheelers at the family farm in West Virginia.

Congratulations to Simmy on his amazing accomplishment! We appreciate his hard work and commitment to Academy Ford!

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  1. […] Simmy is a man about town.  You can rarely go anywhere with him when he doesn’t run into someone he knows.  He is also a true salt of the earth kind of guy that would do anything for anybody.  As Simmy just celebrated his anniversary with Academy Ford we wouldn’t want to repeat ourselves, so check out the blog post we did about his time at Academy Ford to honor his anniversary here. […]

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