Top 5 Ways to Get the Best Value for Your Trade In


Getting the best value for your trade is a process that starts on your first day of ownership and doesn’t end until you take it to the lot to trade it in.  If you take these few extra steps, you can really cash in with the value of your trade.

best value for your trade

Here’s How: 

  1. Clean Accident History:  Obviously, this is a difficult task especially when you are involved in accidents at no fault to you.  But, if you just make an overall attempt to be a safer, smarter, sometimes defensive driver and can escape any major accidents it will really pay off in your trade. 
  2. Perform Major Services: Maintain your car throughout its life. Change its oil and get tune-ups according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. This builds tremendous value if the vehicle has been properly serviced throughout your ownership.
  3. Keep Your Service History: Organize all the receipts from any service ever performed on your vehicle.  It is so simple to do!  Just simply keep an expanding file dedicated to keeping all of these records together whether you keep it in the vehicle or at home just slip it in that file for safe keeping.  Those extra 5 minutes will really benefit you in the long run!  It’s basically proof that you have been maintaining the vehicle properly, which builds a lot of value.   
  4. Save your 2nd Key:  A second key is extremely costly even to us at the dealership, so if you bring the second key along with your trade in you will save yourself some money.
  5. Retain Quality Interior & Body Condition:  Used car buyers are rather particular about the interior and body so, if you retain the quality as best you can the resell value will be much higher.   However, with that being said don’t attempt to repair anything.  Our cost for parts and repairs is much less than what you would pay at a body shop. So save your money, and we will handle all that after we purchase your car. For tips on keeping the interior in tip top shape check out advice on keeping it clean here.  

Let us know if you have any other questions about getting the best value for you trade in the comments section below.

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