Partly Worn Tires, Are they a Safe Bet?

We are not here to pretend that buying a new set of tires is cheap.  Depending on your vehicle, tires can be expensive, we know.  However, in reality there are some things that you should spend some extra money on as it could be a lifesaver.  

We recently read a heartbreaking article about a man, only 41 years old, who is now paralyzed from his chest down due to the decision to buy “partly worn” tires. While driving he lost complete control of his vehicle and it jumped a curb and rolled down a ditch.  When the police arrived, after investigating the scene they determined that the tires were to blame.  The police stated that the rear tires were an illegal tread depth, even though they had been recently fitted to the car.  The man, Keith Johnson, has stated the following in response to his accident:

“I thought I was saving money with the partly worn tires.  Unfortunately, for me it’s too late but, I would urge other drivers to steer clear of partly worn tires & always opt for brand new ones.”

After the reporting of this accident a non-profit organization for raising awareness about the dangers of defective and worn tires, TyreSafe, in partnership with car magazine Auto Express began an investigation of the safety of partly worn tires.  This is what they found:

98% of these types of used tires were deemed illegal to use due to:

  • Low Tread
  • Unsafe Repairs
  • Exposed Cords

“Customers have stopped by asking our technicians to inspect partly worn tires that they have purchased elsewhere and we have seen sidewall cracks, patches and plugs and they are just plain unsafe to use,” according to our service adviser, Kevin. But, you don’t even need our advice, take Keith Johnson’s and always opt for brand new tires.

When you come to Academy Ford, you have the Low Price Tire Guarantee:

Why buy tires anywhere else, when we offer all of this: – 11 major tire brands – 30-day price guarantee – All makes and models.  Requires presentation of competitor’s current price ad/offer on exact tire sold by dealership within 30 days after purchase. See dealership for details. Offer expires 12/31/2012.

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