Week 1 of a First Time NEW Car Buyer

Want to know what it is really like to buy a new car?  Have any questions for a new car buyer?  Our new blog series is here to answer them.  Rebecca, Academy Ford’s Social Media Manager,  is here to share with you what it is really like to be a first time  new car buyer.  We will be checking in with her every week for the first few months to see how her 2012 Ford Focus SE Sport hatchback is treating her.  So, here goes meet Rebecca:

Hello!  First I wanted to start off by telling you a bit about myself, I have been a part of the Academy Ford family for 6 months now, boy does time fly when you are having fun!  Also, I just wanted to clarify Social Media Manager is a super professional way of saying  I am here to make sure we are giving our customers the best advice from our family of car experts to your family regarding anything automotive through social media.  So, if you have any questions about buying, owning, trading your vehicle don’t hesitate to drop a note in the comments.  

Ok, so why am I buying a new car… After driving around in a car I bought used for years, I was faced with quite an issue.  I dropped my car off with Academy Ford’s service department for a routine oil change little did I know what was about to be exposed.  A huge rust spot in the floor of the passenger side front seat.  Not exactly safe. Kevin, one of our service advisers, came to my office to bring me out to see it for myself.  My jaw dropped to the floor.   I couldn’t believe it!  Obvioulsy, I have never seen my vehicle from that vantage point so it was quite a shock.  I went home that night with a decision to make.  After talking it through with my loved ones, I decided to begin the search for something new.  I was surprised by how much input and advice I received from my friends and family.  But, in the end you have to find something that will work for you for the foreseeable future.  My boyfriend and I started looking at the Focus because I loved the hatchback and he thought the fuel efficiency would be great for my commute.  I haven’t looked back since . . .

2012 Ford Focus SE Sport Hatchback

Rebecca and her boyfriend John with the new 2012 Ford Focus SE Sport Hatchback

This is the new car, I have aptly named her Sheila.  I am absolutely smitten!  Doesn’t she just look like a Sheila?  Anyway, haha my first week with Sheila has been incredible!  The very first night my boyfriend John and I had plans to go to the Baltimore Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox game at Camden Yards.  So, we took her on her first tour of downtown Baltimore.  Starting off in Fells Point for a quick stop, which almost gave me a heart attack because of the narrow side streets we were driving down and the increasing chance that other drivers could potentially damage my shiny new car.  Luckily, the Focus is incredibly responsive!  I wasn’t quite prepared for the amazing handling, it’s unlike any vehicle I have ever personally owned. It’s just a dream! I can’t tell you how much fun it is to drive this car around.  Honestly, I kept finding reasons to go somewhere this week.  My free time was spent driving around, no time for errands just driving.  Also, SYNC is hysterical you can ask this thing to do just about everything but, fold your laundry.  

Well, back to our first night with Sheila once we left Fells Point unscathed we headed over to the ball field.   It was a little challenging to devote my attention to rooting for the O’s because my mind was Focused (pun intended) on Sheila.  I was happy to see the lovely Ford billboard


by the scoreboard at the game, giving homage to the Focus among other Ford vehicles that get great gas mileage.  The 2012 Ford Focus official stats are 28 city/38 hwy with the automatic transmission (Ford Focus with the SFE Package gets 28 city/40 hwy).  So, far my average MPG has been 29.1, which I am beyond happy with considering how long I am in rush hour traffic for my daily commute from Owings Mills.  

The 2012 Focus certainly looks terrific, especially in five-door form. The engineers and designers were able to make the Focus sportier by lowering its seating position and overall height.  And to make it look even more terrific I have added a lovely Baltimore Raven’s car magnet.  

2012 Ford Focus SE Sport Hatchback

I will stop there for this week and we will cover more intricacies of the Ford Focus and what it is like to buy and own a new vehicle in the upcoming weeks.

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