Setting the Standard: Driving is a Privilege

With the community buzzing with the back to school jitters we thought we would join in on the fun! Today we begin to open up discussion on one of the biggest learning experiences of your child’s life, how to drive.  In the next few weeks we will be offering our advice to help area parents out with the responsibility of teaching their teens to drive.

Let us begin by explaining our recommended initial approach, start off the topic of driving with your teen by setting the standard that, “Driving is NOT a Right, it is a Privilege.”  One way to ensure that your child is understanding this concept is to set up a goal(s) for them to reach prior to getting their Learner’s Permit.  This will help them grasp the concept that this privilege must be earned.  The goal(s) can be in reference to any aspect of your child’s life whether it be reaching a specific grade point average, meeting a individual sport performance milestone, or as simple as a list of chores they must complete.  When determining what the goal(s) should be for your child it is important to ensure that they are obtainable and relevant.

Also, remember to continue to stress that this privilege can be lost if they don’t follow your rules or continue their success with the goal(s) that were obtained in order to get their Learner’s Permit.   Set up a system so, that the family is prepared if the child looses their privilege to drive.  Will it be waiting additional time to take the driver’s test or will it be limiting the use of the shared family car?  It is best to have the repercussions outlined prior to being in the situation so that everyone knows the expectations upfront.

What are your tips on teaching your teen to drive? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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