Week 3 of a First Time NEW Car Buyer

Happy Monday! It’s Rebecca back again to talk about Week 3! This week Sheila and I had a mini Road Trip to Alexandira, VA for a picnic with friends.  Alexandria isn’t too far away so, you would think that it would be an easy trip.  But, my mind set was not wrapped around the idea of an easy trip.  I am still mentally and emotionally recovering from my last trip to Alexandria.  Obviously, it did not go very well.  Let me clarify, my visit was great but my trip home not so much.

I was driving along 395 North in the used car that I just traded in.  I had just entered the tunnel with what felt like a million other motorists.  It was actually more of a parking lot than an interstate at the time when the unthinkable happened.  My engine started to overheat as I had just switched lanes entering the middle lane.  As luck would have it once I switched lanes there was no room to move into the previous right hand lane or any other lane for that matter.  Plus, because I was in the tunnel there wasn’t a shoulder to speak of.  It was basically my version or just about anyone’s version of one of their worst driving nightmares.  So, after numerous honks and screams from passing drivers even though I had my hazard lights on, a tow truck came to rescue me.  Only to have been met with a $100 tow bill and later a $1,000 repair bill for my radiator fan.     Needless to say I was a little traumatized .  Now putting all logic aside when I packed up Sheila for the trip the anxiety started creeping back in.  I contemplated skipping the trip altogether.  But, my the rational side of my brain started working again when my anxiety was replaced with the reminder of Sheila’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty and complimentary Roadside Assistance coverage.

With Sheila or any other Ford vehicle purchase the purchaser is awarded with a basic Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty for your new vehicle, extended coverage for the Powertrain and Safety System, and protection against corrosion perforation. There’s also specific warranty coverage for the Emissions System.  Additionally, for your security, your new Ford comes with complimentary Roadside Assistance coverage. Extended Service Plans are also available.

Here, are the basics of New Vehicle Limited Warranty:

For more information from Ford on the New Vehicle Limited Warranty click here.

Oh and I almost forgot this week’s  MPG rate… It is continuing the trend of going up! My average was 31.7 MPG so, I am still exceeding the combined reported MPGs of 31 and can’t stop smiling!

Again, I hope you guys are getting some insight into being a First Time New Car Buyer. Let me know if you have any questions you would like me to answer for you next week in the comments.

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