Week 4 of a First Time NEW Car Buyer

Welcome back to the work week folks!  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.  Today we continue to share some insight into the ins and outs of a a first time New Car Buyer.  I know this may sound silly but, in all honesty I have found that the information provided in the Academy Ford Advantage articles are extremely helpful.  They have been guiding me through the first few weeks with this new responsibility of being a first time New Car Buyer.

One of the most useful articles for me was, “CAR ACCESSORIES WHEN YOU NEED A TRUCK.”  My first purchase for Sheila, my 2012 Ford Focus (for those of you that are just joining in on the blog series),  was a Cargo Area Protector.  Not only is it useful for hauling trash to the dumpster and storing my muddy sneakers after a trail run, but it is also great for everyday.  I almost always pack my lunch and I feel so much more relaxed when I know that nothing is going to spill on the interior carpet, so I sit it back in the hatch on the cargo area protector and there are no worries.  I also use it religiously for toting my Ravens tailgating cuisine.  I had a very unfortunate incident with chili in my last vehicle.  There was a giant stain in the back and it smelled weird for weeks.  Now with the cargo area protector, I no longer have to worry about that happening again.

Cargo Area Protector

My next purchase for Sheila will be the Roof rack and Cargo Box mentioned in the article.  My boyfriend and I are traveling for the holidays and the extra space will be needed for all of the presents we will be taking, along with all the stuff for the dog, and of course my 300 pairs of shoes that are totally necessary.

Another article that has come in handy in the first few weeks is the “5 Ways to Keep it Clean.” I have begun a Saturday morning tradition of taking Sheila to get a bath before or after my spin class.  I highly recommend going to one of your local gas stations and taking advantage of the systems they have in place.  A lot of places will take $0.20/gallon off the price of gas when you purchase a car wash.  There are usually a few new car owners there when I go, creating a great sense of community.  There is limited discussion just nods of acknowledgement, which is nice it’s like a silent solidarity.   

And to keep up with the tradition of tracking my fuel economy this week we were at 32.1 MPGs!  Exceeding the combined reported MPGs of 31 and hopefully continuing to improve! I am going to review the How to Save $ at the Pump series and let you know what tips are the most effective to keep my MPGs growing!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.  Until next time!

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