Customer Spotlight: Smiley

We interrupt our previous scheduled programming (Fall Auto DIY #5, it will now be posted next Sunday) to bring you, Customer Spotlight Issue #4. Check out the other customer spotlights here. Today we introduce you to Smiley a familiar, friendly face around Academy Ford.

Smiley and Tom, our General Manager, with the 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid

Smiley has been a loyal customer to Academy Ford. He has purchased 5 vehicles including a 1990 Taurus, a 1995 Windstar, a 2001 Escape, a 2007 Edge, and most recently the above 2013 Ford C-Max. When contemplating purchasing a Hybrid vehicle this is what he had to say,

“They say TIMING is everything in life and so far it looks to be holding true for me. I really wanted a Hybrid and I was digging the Prius BUT my loyalty has always been to anything Academy Ford sells because let’s face it, in this world of corporate run car dealerships loyalty is not something you hear very often. When I purchase this next car from you guys it will be my FIFTH Ford product…and you guys have treated me right each and every time. You guys recognize the importance of a car to a travelling salesman which I am and hence you always have kept my auto down time to a minimum. Run the timeline and you have 22 years of a relationship and +480,000 miles logged on these cars. So I am pretty sure I will be buying the C Max SEL …from all the internet research I have done I am sure with Ford investing so much money in this technology and over 100 patents on this car…that my new C Max will have more technology packed in it than a more expensive Mercedes Benz. I VALUE my relationship with [Academy Ford]. Thanks All, Smiley”

Needless to say we value our relationship with Smiley and appreciate his loyalty. Our customers are our greatest asset and we value each one.

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