Best New Cars for Teens

Back-to-school shopping doesn’t always stop at pencils and pens it can also include test drives. To help give parents a leg up we have put together a list of affordable standouts for teens. In the perfect world you want to select the safest car that you can afford that performs well and is economical to own.  So, here it is our top 3 recommendations of the best new cars for teens:

2012 Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

Listed as one of’s top 10 best models for teen drivers, the Ford Fusion is a mid-sized sedan that is large enough to absorb a crash but are low enough to stay planted on the ground. The standard electronic stability control is a proven lifesaver, which is especially beneficial to less experienced drivers.  And the inline-four tends to be the best engine choice because it limits acceleration power. Not only are there incredible incentives on the remaining new 2012 models they are also affordable in the used-car market and are economical to own.

2012 Ford Focus

Ford Focus

Making the list of Top Cars for Teens put together by AAA, the Ford Focus is pleasant to drive and a solid performer with good handling.  Ford also offers the MyKey feature on the Focus, which will limit speed and radio volume, and prevent teens from turning off safety systems. Providing good fuel economy, with up-to-40 hwy mpg on the SE model with SFE package the Focus is also very economical to own. 

2012 Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta

A 2012 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick and listed on the top 5 of Kelley Blue Book’s  10 Best Back to School Cars of 2012, the Ford Fiesta is an excellent option.  Your child may not adore the sedan, but the 5-door hatchback is perfectly fresh and modern. Not to mention all of the qualities that make a parent happy: fuel economy bumping 40 mpg and seven airbags at the ready just in case.  The Fiesta is a win-win for child and parent because it is a smart and a fun choice.   

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