We are back at it again with our 5 simple Fall Auto DIY projects.  (Fall Auto DIY Project #1 is here, #2 is here, #3 part 1 is here, #3 part 2 is here, #3 part 3 is here, and #4 is here in case you missed them) Today we are at the end of the series with Fall Auto DIY Project #5, checking your lights.  

Fall’s longer & darker nights make it imperative to check on your vehicle lights.  Your vehicle’s lights are designed to optimize your driving visibility.  When driving at night or through harsh weather conditions where road visibility is at its lowest, you need to be use your various vehicle lights to see clearly & warn other drivers and pedestrians that your vehicle is approaching.  That is why we are here to walk you through the process of doing a quick inspection of all your lights.  

Checking Your Lights

Step 1

Recruit an Assistant.  This is a two person job as someone needs to be in the vehicle changing the turn signals and pressing on the brake to test out the lights, while another person is outside of the vehicle checking for not only burnt out lights, but also dim bulbs and hazy headlight lens.  If you absolutely can’t find someone to help you out, you can always resort to utilizing a storefront’s big window so, you can see the reflection of the lights in the windows.  But, if you are lucky enough to recruit an assistant go ahead and step up front and have your assistant turn on the headlights: check low/high beam, parking lights, hazards, and both turn signals.

Step 2

Stand out back and check: tail lights, brake lights, hazard lights, license plate lights (most people forget how important these are as it will cause just about any police officer to pull you over we recommend diligently checking up on the licence plate lights), and both turn signals.  

Step 3 

Replace the burnt out, dimmed or yellowed lights.  We recommend replacing lights in pairs to ensure a consistent beam from each light.  When they have different light strength it can disorient other drivers causing a safety issue.  Also, we would advise you to bring in your old bulbs to the Academy Ford Parts store to ensure the exact replacement.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.  

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