We here at Academy Ford are well aware of the fact that a vehicle is the second biggest purchase a person can make. So, we are committed to helping our customers find the vehicle that meets their needs, budget, family, business, etc.   We believe that because of this commitment we are blessed with customers that remain loyal to us, some over the course of decades.  In the last 50 years we have sold numerous vehicles and gained numerous loyal customers. While spending time reflecting on that time we can’t help but take this opportunity to show our appreciation for all of our customers that have shown their loyalty to Academy Ford.  There are so many loyal customers that we can’t list them all but, we would like to highlight a few: Atlantic Bingo Supply, McFall & Berry Landscaping Management, Security Vault Works Inc., Leisure World of Maryland Corporation, Maloney Aire, Warfield & Sanford Inc., and H & H Concrete.  

Atlantic Bingo Supply

Atlantic Bingo Supply is a big distributor of bingo supplies.  They have numerous locations including Odenton, Maryland , Jeffersonville, Indiana, Deland, Florida, and Fairfield,  New York.  Needless to say the owner, Larry, is a very busy man.  Among many other responsibilities, he purchases the vehicles for all of his locations from us here at Academy Ford.  Some of the models included in the Atlantic Bingo Supply fleet are the F150, Heavy Duty E450 Parcel Van, Econoline Cargo Van, Escape, Taurus, and Focus.  When purchasing the vehicles for Atlantic Bingo the highest priority is convenience; it’s everything to a multi-tasking, business owner and we understand that.  Atlantic Bingo Supply and Academy Ford have developed a mutual respect for one another that transcends a typical business relationship because of the 25+ years of loyalty to Academy Ford, we are willing to reward them with making sure we meet the demand of their needs no matter what.  Larry is truly one of the best customers Academy Ford is lucky enough to have.

McFall & Berry Landscaping Management

McFall & Berry is a large landscaping company that handles various large commercial accounts and manages tons of snow removal.  The McFall & Berry fleet of vehicles contains well over 100 trucks.  The relationship with McFall & Berry Landscaping goes back many years when Mark McFall was first applying for a business loan to begin the McFall & Berry Landscaping Management Company.  It was at that time that Academy Ford’s President, Mr. Lynch, was serving on the board of the bank.  Since then Mark and Mr. Lynch have maintained a close business relationship that has resulted in 25+ years of working together.  We understand the importance of their vehicles to their business, so we make it a priority to deliver any new vehicles that they have purchased and being as efficient as possible with any service that has to be done on any of their vehicles.  They happily return the favor by continuing to purchase and service their vehicles with us.

Security Vault Works Inc. 

Security Vault Works Inc. is owned by Mr. Mrs. Tim Abell, who are just some of the best people around.  They are great supporters of the town of Laurel, members of the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber, and fantastic customers.  They have business locations all around the country and have been purchasing vehicle for all of these locations at Academy Ford for over 20 years.  We are happy to assist them with honest pricing, as convenient as possible service, and a central location to do business.

Leisure World

Leisure World, a 55+ community in Rockville, has been doing business with Academy Ford for about 20 years.  They purchase vehicles here, service vehicles here, and get body work done for their vehicles here if needed.  Brad Kline, the buyer for Leisure World, has a great working relationship with everyone here at Academy Ford and because of that has been kind enough to send us numerous referrals over the years.

Maloney Aire 

Maloney Aire is an HVAC company owned by Mr. Jack Maloney.  Mr. Maloney’s sons: Jackie, Russel, Jimmy and Richard have become so well known at Academy Ford they could be mistaken for our employees.  We have a great relationship with Maloney Aire. They purchase and service numerous vehicles here including F150s, Econoline Cargo Vans, and Super Duty trucks and they take care of all of our HVAC needs.  We treat them like they treat us; with great respect and consideration.

Warfield & Sanford 

Warfield & Sanford is an elevator company that repairs and builds elevators   They need vehicles that can withstand the weight of immensely heavy gear shifts and pulley systems as well as general sales vehicles.  So, they have purchased a wide variety of vehicles from Academy Ford: Fusions, Escapes, Rangers, F150s, Expeditions, Super Duties, etc.  Mr. Warring purchases vehicles based on the drivers job function and preferences.  We value their business greatly, so we try our best to make whatever it is that they need happen and they reward us with their loyalty.

H & H Concrete

H& H Concrete is owned by Mr. Larry who is genuinely one of the best customers of Academy Ford.  We have a deep respect for this great family man who is beyond kind.  He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  There have been occasions where he has patched the pot holes on our lot without us asking, removes snow from our lot without us asking, the list goes on and on.  We try to repay his generosity with honest pricing and efficiency of service for their vehicles.

Overall, on behalf of everyone at Academy Ford we thank each and everyone of our customers from the first time new car buyer to the customers that have been with us for the past 50 years and everyone in between.  In all honesty we do truly believe that our customers are our greatest asset.

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