Pre-Winter Car Care, Part II

We are back with some more Pre-Winter Car Care Tips.  Again we can’t stress enough how important Pre-Winter Car Care is, mainly because of the risk associated with the upcoming winter weather conditions.  We are here to make sure you are prepared for the first snow fall.  Some of the Pre-Winter Car Care tips that follow below can be performed by any DIYer, but others really should be brought in to your Ford Master Certified Technicians at Academy Ford to handle.

Photo by 6bender (Flickr)

Photo by 6bender (Flickr)

Today we take a look at how some Pre-Winter Car Care Tips can keep your Fuel System running smoothly.  Your Fuel System is vital to the operation of your vehicle.  If your car won’t start in severe winter weather it may be caused by your fuel line freezing up, which prevents gas from moving into your engine’s fuel injector or carburetor.  In some cases it can be even worse and the moisture that has caused your fuel line to freeze can eventually cause rust or other damage to the metal parts of the fuel system.  An easy DIY tip and it is a super simple one is to put a bottle of de-icer in your tank once a month to help keep moisture from freezing in the fuel line.  Frozen fuel lines can occur if your vehicle is low on gas and left overnight or longer in conditions that are freezing or below freezing.  NOTE: A full gas tank helps keep moisture from forming.

You can also have one of Academy Ford’s Master Certified Technicians perform a Fuel/Air Induction System Clean-up Service.  Deposits that build up in the fuel and air induction systems of the engine eventually will rob your vehicle of its agility and excitement.  Modern engines are finely tuned and extremely sensitive to deposits that accumulate on intake valves, intake ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers.  It is these deposits that will cause driveablity problems such as hesitation  surge, stall, hard starting, rough idle, and loss of power that are only worsened in the harsh winter weather conditions.    Ask your service advisor today about the BG Fuel/Air Induction Clean-up Service! 

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

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