You’re Stranded in a Snowstorm, Now What?

If our 6 Quick Tips did not set your vehicle free and you are still stuck in the snow, do not abandon your vehicle. Not only is it unsafe, you also may be subject to towing, ticketing, and a fine.  Instead…

  1. Keep your seat belt on, as it is likely that other drivers may slide into your vehicle after it has become stuck.  
  2. Put up a distress signal, such as a scarf, hanging from the window.
  3. Crack the back window slightly. Oftentimes the tail pipe is obstructed by snow, which can cause deadly carbon monoxide fumes to get into the vehicle when the engine is running.
  4. Run the engine for 10-15 minutes every hour.  This will allow you to heat the car, melt snow into water, and conserve gas.  
  5. Make sure you have your Winter Car Kit prepared. 

Most importantly use common sense and be safe.

There are a few circumstances where you may need to abandon your vehicle.  We will outline those next week so, stay tuned. 

Any Questions? Leave them in the comments section below.

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