How to Organize Your Car

Organize Your Car

The beginning of the year is always a good time to get your life in order.  Organizing your home can make your life much less stressful, but don’t forget about your car!  Keeping your car in order is actually more important because of the safety risks that clutter poses in your vehicle.  You might even be fined if your windshield is too cluttered!  Read on for tips on how to organize your car.

First, take everything out of your car.  Empty out the glove box and all of the compartments and seat pockets.  Sort everything that you remove into three piles: trash, items to stay in your car, and items that do not belong in your car.  Then, clean your car thoroughly.  Vacuum the floor mats, the car seats, and the floor carpeting, in that order.  Wipe down the dashboard and doors, and clean the windows.  Check out this article for more information on cleaning the inside of your car. 

Then, sort through all of the items that you are going to keep in your car.  Only keep things in your car that you need on a daily basis or for emergencies.  You may need to add some things to your car that are not already there.  See our past blog post, Road Trip Ready: Packing Perfection, for information about what to keep in your car so that you are always prepared.  Also, the items that you need in your car will vary depending on the time of year.  Check out Pre-Winter Car Care, Part III for information on putting together a Winter Car Kit for the winter season.

You should only store important vehicle documents and a few essentials in the glove box.  The “Road Trip Ready: Packing Perfection” blog post provides more information about this.  The center console is a good spot to put your cell phone charger, sunglasses, spare change, tissues, napkins, and hand sanitizer/antibacterial wipes.  This is also a good spot to stash a sheet of USPS Forever stamps, which are always good to have on hand.  Keep larger items in a duffle bag or tub in the rear of the car. You can buy a trunk organizer so that you can stash important emergency items in the rear of your car while still having room for groceries and other things.

After each car trip, remove all trash and anything you don’t need to keep in your car.  Keep a stash of plastic grocery bags in your car so that it is easier to remove trash when you arrive at your destination or when you get home.  You can stuff the plastic bags in a cardboard paper towel tube to keep them organized.

You should thoroughly organize your car at least once every season to make sure your vehicle is equipped for the weather, but vacuuming and cleaning out your car every one or two weeks will keep it looking spotless.

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