10 Reasons to Consider Buying an Electric or Hybrid Car


  1. Hybrids are most beneficial to those who live in urban areas with a lot of slow driving because it uses its electric motor when you drive slowly or come to a stop. 
  2. The electric motors found in electric and hybrid cars are quieter than gasoline engines.
  3. Service and maintenance costs are less expensive for electric vehicles than gasoline vehicles.   Although hybrid and electric cars cost more to purchase than gasoline vehicles, the federal government has tax credit and rebate programs that can help offset the cost of purchasing one.
  4. Although electric cars do not emit carbon dioxide, the electricity used to charge them mostly comes from coal-burning power plants that emit carbon dioxide.  However, even if all of your electricity comes solely from coal-fired power stations, it would still cost only seven pounds of carbon emissions to drive 25 miles in an electric car, versus 22 pounds of carbon pollution for a gas-powered car. This is partly because electric vehicles use much less energy than gas cars.
  5. Electric vehicles are much more fuel efficient than gas vehicles.  According to fueleconomy.gov, “Electric vehicles convert about 59–62% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels—conventional gasoline vehicles only convert about 17–21% of the energy stored in gasoline to power at the wheels.”
  6. Although the batteries in electric and hybrid cars weigh a lot, lightweight materials are used to offset this weight.  When the overall weight of the car is reduced, the vehicle mileage is increased because a lighter vehicle uses less energy when you accelerate or drive up a hill.
  7. Almost all car batteries can be recycled.
  8. Most hybrid and electric cars use low-rolling-resistance tires that are both stiffer and inflated to a higher pressure than conventional tires. The result is that they cause about half the drag of regular tires, thus improving efficiency.
  9. Using electricity to power your vehicle can be much less expensive than using gasoline, especially if you charge your car overnight when electricity may be offered at a discounted rate.
  10. Hybrid vehicles conserve energy by switching between the electrical motor and gas engine.  A new battery system will soon be introduced for the Ford Fusion that combines lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries that could result in even larger fuel savings than the batteries currently being used in hybrid vehicles.  Click here for more information.

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