10 Tips for Night Driving

We know we’ve told you this before here but, 49% of all fatal car accidents occur at night despite there being fewer drivers on the road.  So, we feel it necessary to address this issue once more with additional tips for night driving:  1. Be especially careful when driving during twilight. It is especially difficult … Continue reading

What will Ford think of next?

In an interview at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Mark Fields, Ford’s head of the Americas, said, “We’re thinking more and more like not only a car company, but a technology company.”  There is no doubt that Ford is the most innovative automobile company today, demonstrated by their recognition as the only full-line automaker in … Continue reading

How does your car’s fuel gauge work?

First let’s begin with the anatomy of a fuel gauge to see how it works.  There are two main parts: 1. Sender, which measures the level of fuel in the tank. 2. Gauge, which displays that level to the driver.  The sender, located in the fuel tank of the car, consists of a float, usually … Continue reading

Technology in Ford’s Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Ford vehicles are packed with technology, and their electric and hybrid vehicles are no exception.  Let’s start with the technology that helps these vehicles to be so fuel efficient.  One such technology is the high-voltage Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery found in all of Ford’s hybrid vehicles.  The battery allows the hybrids to deliver up to 50% better … Continue reading

Celebrate Presidents’ Day with Huge Savings!

The long awaited Presidents’ Day Event is here with plenty of opportunity to SAVE BIG on Ford’s top selling vehicles! No Interest for 60 months PLUS up to $3,000 Cash Back! If you have been thinking about buying a new Ford vehicle but, have been waiting for the best deal, the time is NOW! Below you will … Continue reading

Vehicles powered by hydrogen are in our not-so-distant future

Last month’s blog series was about electric and hybrid vehicles.  Although using electricity to fuel vehicles is becoming increasingly popular because of its fuel efficiency and limited environmental impact, there are many other ways to fuel a vehicle to achieve these benefits, such as with a hydrogen fuel cell.  Vehicles using this technology are called … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

On behalf of all of us here at Academy Ford, Happy Valentine’s Day!  And we would like to keep it happy for you with a great date night this Valentine’s Day. And here’s how… If you own a Ford vehicle equipped with AppLink, download the BeCouply app NOW!  BeCouply has designed an app to make it … Continue reading

Lock it, Park it, Etch it: to Make your Tailgate Less Attractive to Thieves

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), tailgate theft is on the rise. They have noted that the thefts have been increasing since 2009, with an 18 percent increase projected from 2011 to 2012. The model that has been the number 1 target is the Ford F-series truck, most frequently the 2008 Ford F-250.  With a … Continue reading

Apps are the Future

A recent survey by Nielsen showed that more than half of mobile phone owners in the United States use a smartphone, and the population of smartphone users is expected to double by 2015.  Also, two-thirds of new handsets are enabled to run applications and American users have an average of 67 apps on their devices.  … Continue reading

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Inspiration

We have put together a few things any Ford Fanatic would love to love! And what a better time to gift love than Valentines’ Day?! With our newly released web store featuring The Ford Collection you now have the ability to purchase any of these great gifts and ship them just in time for the … Continue reading