Technology in Ford’s Electric and Hybrid Vehicles


Ford vehicles are packed with technology, and their electric and hybrid vehicles are no exception.  Let’s start with the technology that helps these vehicles to be so fuel efficient.  One such technology is the high-voltage Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery found in all of Ford’s hybrid vehicles.  The battery allows the hybrids to deliver up to 50% better fuel economy than their non-hybrid counterparts without sacrificing merging and passing power.

There is also an energy use gauge called SmartGuage with EcoGuide in all of Ford’s electric vehicles that displays real-time fuel efficiency.  This allows you to see how the way that you drive impacts how much fuel you use.

We have recently been talking about mobile apps on the blog and it is important to mention that Ford has their very own app called MyFord.  All of Ford’s electric vehicles have an embedded modem that Ford’s MyFord mobile app accesses.  This allows customers to remotely monitor the state of battery charge and program the times of day to charge the vehicle so they can take advantage of lower priced electricity.  Other remote features that the app controls include door locking and unlocking and pre-conditioning the climate control system.

In addition, the MyFord app now features a charging station locator powered by, which is compatible with the Ford Fusion Energi and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid vehicles.  This new feature makes it easier to find available charging stations while on the road.  You can use the app to locate the nearest charging station and determine if it is available or in use.  In addition to aggregating publicly available lists of stations from a variety of sources, PlugShare incorporates crowd-sourced information from users.  Ford is the only manufacturer to offer real-time charging station location information through its smartphone app. 

Share your thoughts on these electric and hybrid vehicle technologies in the comments section below.

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