How to Stop Winter from Killing Your Ride

The winter season can really take a toll on your car.  Here are some tips for the wintertime to ensure that your car stays in top condition.

  1. Don’t plan on driving one of your cars over the winter season?  If you plan on storing your car for more than a month, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure it is stored properly.  Check back later this month for more information on how to do this.
  2. If you get stuck in a snow bank, avoid spinning the wheels at high speeds and throwing your car from forward to reverse repeatedly, which can ruin your transmissions, clutches, and differentials.  Check out our past blog post, 6 Quick Tips For When You Get Caught In A Snowstorm.
  3. To keep your car’s air-conditioning system running smoothly for when the weather warms up, run it a few times throughout the winter.
  4. When it is cold outside, it is especially important to drive moderately until your engine is approaching operating temperature, and even when it does you should avoid driving at high speeds and accelerating quickly.
  5. Inflate your tires properly.  A drop of 10 degrees F will decrease a tire’s air pressure by 1 or 2 pounds.  If your tires are under-inflated, they will heat up, causing the tread to wear out much faster.
  6. Drive carefully.  Slippery roads mean a higher risk of getting into an accident and damaging your car.  Check out our blog series about winter driving.
  7. The anti-lock brake system on your vehicle helps to prevent skidding on icy roads.  To keep it working to its full potential, it should be “bled” or purged at least once every three years, or as specified in your owner’s manual.  This is because brake fluid attracts moisture, which can ruin the ABS pump and rot the brake lines from the inside.
  8. Engine coolant prevents your vehicle’s radiator water from freezing during cold weather.  Replace your vehicle’s coolant every year to remove dirt and particles that can clog up the cooling system and cause problems in the winter.  Only use the coolant specified in your owner’s manual.
  9. To avoid road salt damage, don’t neglect to wash your car during the winter.  Check out our past blog post, Protect Your Car From Road Salt, for more tips.
  10. If your door sticks to its rubber seal in cold weather, this is a sign of damaged weather-stripping.  To keep it in good condition, regularly clean and treat it by wiping it down with a rubber protectant or silicone around doors and windows. Don’t use an oil-based product, such as WD-40, because the oil will damage the rubber.



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