The History of the Garage

In this month’s blog series, we are focusing on keeping your car in tip top shape.  See here. Today we are pointing out one of the more obvious things to do to keep your car lookin’ good. Storing your car in your garage protects it from the elements, therefore keeping it in good condition. It will also save you the trouble of brushing snow or scraping ice off of your car during the winter season.

Here are 10 fun facts about the history of the garage:

• Garage comes from “garer,” which is French for “to shelter.”
• Early garages were converted carriage houses.
• Sears Roebuck sold a portable garage starting in 1908.
• In 1941, garages attached to houses, with entry into the house, began to appear. Today, 71% of homeowners use their garage as the main entry to their house.
• The overhead garage door was developed by C.G. Johnson in 1921.
• The automatic garage door opener was first invented by C. G. Johnson in 1926, but it didn’t become popular until 1970.
• The percent of space in a home devoted to car storage increased over the years to nearly half of the house in 1960.
• Parking garages began appearing around the 1930s, and by the 1950s the United States was experiencing a parking garage construction boom.
• An early engineering solution for multistory parking garages was car elevators. Check out this video to see how they worked. Notice the parking attendants, as drivers were not allowed to park their own cars.
• During the Cold War, builders took advantage of federal funds by building underground parking garages and making them serve a dual purpose as bomb shelters.

Despite the importance of parking your car in a garage, more than half of homeowners use their garages to store things other than vehicles. Check out to get you inspired to organize and refurbish your garage to make room for your Ford. You can even schedule a free on-site consultation by the My Ford Garage design team check it out here


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