Plan a Date Night with Your Ride


Springtime is finally here and I know we are all very excited to spend some more time outdoors.  In an effort to include your ride in your springtime festivities we are beginning a series of date nights ideas with your ride.  A little silly we know but, it’s all in good fun.

So, the first thing that comes to mind when planning a date night with your ride is a drive-in.  Lucky for us there is a great option close by in Baltimore, just a short 45 minute trip from Laurel to Bengies Drive-in Theatre.  Bengies was opened on June 6, 1956, so it is quite a local landmark.  At the drive-in you can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere will seeing a just released modern film, it’s the best of both worlds. Go ahead and take your ride on a date and enjoy the great outdoors!

This weekend’s TriPPPle Feature (April 12 & 13): Oz The Great and Powerful / G.I. Joe RetaliationOlympus Has Fallen For showtimes and other info visit:

Have fun!

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