Plan a Date Night with Your Ride, Part II


It’s the beginning of the week and the weather is beautiful outside. As we get closer to summer, the days will get longer and the nights warmer. Don’t you and that special someone want get out of the house and enjoy these gorgeous spring nights? 

While we know that it’s tempting to fall into the weekly routine of getting home from work, making dinner, and hanging out on the the couch, we urge you to get off the couch and get under the lights, the ballpark lights.   There aren’t too many stunning spring nights so take advantage of them!

This upcoming week the Baltimore Orioles take on the Toronto Blue Jays in what is guaranteed to be an electrifying game! We all know that the game basically guaranteed to be a good time, but what you might not know is that a lot of the fun happens before the game. Why not grab your favorite ice cold beverage, some finger foods and your honey and head on down for a little pre-game celebration? Gates usually open about two hours prior to the start of the game. So pack up your ride and head on down for some pre-game festivities!  We suggest packing up lots of cold drinks, snacks and if you are committed enough a small tailgate grill and something delicious to enjoy the next two hours with that him/her that you are crazy about! You will be overwhelmed by the refreshing and familiar smells of the ballpark as you listen to the batting practice take place in the park. Tickets for the game range depending on your seat and I assume your commitment to the relationship. For ticket prices and any other questions check out the Baltimore Orioles home page here.

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